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A rank is a level of spiritual development that advances as a sacred artist improves their core and madra and fulfills the requirements of the next stage. Some ranks have special requirements or give special abilities. At each advancement stage the quality of the madra is improved..

In Sacred Valley practitioners wear a badge of the corresponding material to indicate what their rank is.

Cradle Cultivation Ranks

Cradle's magic system is separated into realms of advancement, with clear ranks in each realm. The known realms are the Foundation Realm, the Gold Realm, and the Lord/Lady Realm. The name of the realm beyond Lord is currently unknown.

Foundation Realm

The main effort and role of the Foundation Realm is to set and create the very foundation that a Sacred Artist will use for the rest of their life. A weak foundation will limit their future advancement, while a strong one can carry them far beyond Gold.

Foundation Stage
All citizens of Cradle are born at the foundation stage. Cradle, as a planet, is quite large and posses slightly greater gravity than standard. The existence of madra in one's spirit and the circulation of that madra throughout one's body is what allows otherwise standard humans to thrive in the more intense gravity of their home. Outside of children, the only people that remain at this stage are children and the spiritually crippled. This stage grants the individual the ability to sense their own core and madra. Compared to all other sacred artists they are spiritually weak and have the bodies of normal humans. They are capable of activating weak scripts and can employ simple techniques, though doing so quickly exhausts them. Foundation stage artists can cycle but are not yet able to take in the Vital Aura of the world.
Most sacred artists naturally advance to Copper as children. To do so, the first step is to build up a certain amount of pure madra. This can be done over time through simple or advanced cycling techniques. Alternatively, spirit fruit, elixirs, and constructs such as parasite rings can be used to artificially increase the amount of madra one has. Once a critical mass is reached, one encapsulates their loose core in a barrier/sphere of their own madra. The individual then uses their madra to squeeze their core until it can be compressed no further. This process is uncomfortable start and slightly painful in the last moments as one feels a great pressure bearing down on their very spirit. The individual may lose consciousness for a time at the end of this process while their soul advances. This process changes and individual's core from a loose collection of madra, to a small butt bright star of madra within themselves. Condensing one's core gives one several benefits.
Strengths and benefits of Copper:
  • The primary ability gained is what sacred artists call Copper Sight. This sight allows one to see the Vital Aura in the world around them. Depending on the density of that Vital Aura, the variety of sights can vary from dull and limited to intensely bright and overwhelming. It is important to note that some varieties of Vital Aura are far harder to see than others and may take time and training to see them all (one such example being death aura).
    • It is important to not that one Sacred Artist's Copper Sight may see the world and the vital aura around them very differently from another artist on a different path. Generally the aura a artist gathers will be the most prominent, especially as they advance and learn to find aura in different places.
  • Conjoined with Copper sight is the capability to begin cycling Vital Aura into themselves and their core. Over time, as one cycles the barest amount of aura through their core, the core will eventually take on these aspects and begin to produce that madra on its own.The 7 most common aspects of aura (fire, earth, wind, water, force, blood, and life) are named so not necessarily because of how easily they are to find, but because they are the easiest to cultivate.
  • With the condensing of one's core comes a potency and quantity of madra that was previously unachievable. An individual can now use a more varied selection of techniques and power more potent scripts
Here you get an Iron body, which is a complete overhaul of your body making it better in every way. Can be augmented in different ways, see article for details.
Here you get a 'spiritual sense' which allows you to sense madra, and madra based things around you; for instance, the strength of another's soul. Range and precision improve as you advance.
At the end of Jade, you have prepared your core to take in a Remnant and advance.
You have taken in a Remnant, or gathered a lot of madra. If you have taken in a Remnant, you will get a Goldsign which is a change to your body. Different paths have different Goldsigns. For example, the Path of the Sandviper has a sandviper Remnant attached to their arm, and the Path of the Stellar Spear has metal hair. It's dealt in three stages:
  • Lowgold
  • Highgold
  • Truegold
As you advance within the Gold stages, there is no new addition to power. Rather, the quality and quantity of madra in your core improves.
====Lord / Lady====
To reach Underlord, one has to do three things:
  1. Open a space in their soul over their core, a sort of single item storage called a soulspace.
  1. Weave soulfire from natural treasures. The trademark of an Underlord, soulfire purifies and strengthens whatever it is imbued in.
  2. Reforge your body in soulfire. The body is reforged in stronger soulfire each time you progress within the lord stage making it stronger and better with each advancement. Your body also ages slightly towards its prime (may get younger or older). To trigger this advancement, one must discover a personal revelation: why they practice the sacred arts.
The lord stage is dealt in:
  • Underlord
  • Overlord
  • Archlord
An Archlord or Archlady who has done something special. This stage is optional, you can advance to Herald without being a Sage. It is not yet known what one must do to become a Sage, it is also not known whether Sages are capable of further advancement. It is speculated that Sages are the lowest stage capable of touching/sensing The Way. Though the aging process for Archlords is very slow, Sages and levels above do not age at all. All ranks Sages and above are capable of ascending beyond Cradle.
Effect unknown.
The height of what you can reach on Cradle. See Cradle characters for full list of current known Monarchs.

Abidan Ranks

One-Star Titan

No details known, the weakest Abidan with a detailed interaction, also only non-Judge rank directly addressed.


The Court of Seven oversees the working of The Way, caring for the Iterations and ensuring their natural progression. Their Headquarters is on the world Sanctum.

Vroshir Ranks

In a brief interaction in Underlord, it is implied that the strength of the Vroshir is related to what generation they are. There are a minimum of 10 generations of Vroshir, likely more.