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</infobox> Akura Malice is the Matriarch of the Akura clan. She is one of seven Monarchs, which is the highest rank in Cradle. She has many children, but only the ones who inherit a sufficient amount of her talent are recognized as her true children. It is said she can hear her name spoken anywhere in the continent. Her heir is Akura Mercy.


"She was beautiful, with a full figure and the poise of a queen. She wore a rich, black dress of silken fabric hung with a web of delicate silver chains, as though she had been draped in the world's most expensive spiderweb. Each of those chains bore fat amethysts, which flashed in the light streaming from above. One silver chain wrapped around her forehead, holding the largest amethyst over her eyes. Her hair flowed down to the small of her back, darker even than the night surrounding her. It hardly looked like it was made from real strands, but from liquid smoke or boiling shadow. Her hair billowed behind her, twisting and curling with a mind of its own. Her skin was pale, her lips painted black. At least, Mercy had always assumed it was paint. And her eyes blazed with pure, endless purple light. [...] Her nails had been painted the same purple as their bloodline armor... or maybe they had crystallized that way."


  • Hear her name spoken anywhere in the continent.
  • Forge a giant suit of purple armor (mech sort of thing)
  • Reverse a person from near-death, rebuild lifelines, etc
  • Touch the Way and use it to travel


Akura Malice has many children, and she habitually gives birth to more. She chooses her consorts from people with talents or bloodline abilities she values, but the father usually has no contact with the child. She is 4-500 years old, and she has a child every 4 or so years. However, only the children who inherit enough of her power are her true children.

Her known and accepted descendants are the Akura head family, including Akura Charity, Akura Fury, Akura Mercy, and Akura Justice.