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Iteration 110: Cradle

"Sacred artists follow a thousand Paths to power, using their souls to control the forces of the natural world. Lindon is Unsouled, forbidden to learn the sacred arts of his clan.When faced with a looming fate he cannot ignore, he must rise beyond anything he's ever known...and forge his own Path."

Sections of the Cradle Universe

Sacred Arts | Cradle Characters | Cradle Locations | Cradle Factions | Cradle Theories

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Characters of Cradle

Main Characters:

The Way and The Worlds

Abidan Court of Judges


Monarch Factions

Akura Clan

  • Akura Malice (Monarch)
    • Akura Fury
    • Akura Charity, Sage of the Silver Heart
      • Akura Justice
      • Akura Mercy
      • Akura Pride
      • Akura Grace
        • Akura Harmony †

Northstrider & Followers

  • Northstrider (Monarch)

Ninecloud Court

  • Sha Miara (Monarch)
  • Sha Leiala (Monarch) †

Dragon Faction

  • Seshethkunaaz (Monarch)
    • Sopharanatoth
      • Ekerinatoth †

Dreadgod Cults

Redmoon Hall

  • Sage of Red Faith
    • Longhook †
    • Yan Shoumei

Emriss Silentborn

  • Emriss Silentborn

Eight-Man Empire

  • Eight-Man Empire (collectively a Monarch power)

House Arelius

  • Tiberian Arelius †
    • Sage of a Thousand Eyes
      • Eithan Arelius
      • Veris Arelius
      • Altavian Arelius
        • Cassias Arelius
        • Gaien Arelius

Blackflame Empire

Jai Clan Edit

  • Jai Daishou †
    • Jai Long
      • Jai Chen

Naru Clan

  • Naru Huan
    • Naru Gwei
    • Naru Saeya
      • Naru Jing


  • Naru Gwei
    • Renfei †
    • Bai Rou

Sandviper Sect

  • Sandviper Gokren †
  • Sandviper Kral †


Seishen Kingdom

  • Seishen Dakata
    • Riyusai Meira
    • Seishen Kiro †
    • Seishen Daji

Frozen Blade School

  • Min Shuei, Sage of the Frozen Blade


  • Beast King
  • Ziel
  • Sage of the Endless Sword ( † )

Cradle Factions

Monarch Factions

  • Akura Family
  • Ninecloud Court
  • Northstriders Followers
  • Dreadgod Cults
  • Eight-Man Empire
  • Dragons
  • Emriss Silentborn
  • The Arelius Family

Blackflame Factions

  • The Naru Clan
  • The Blackflame Clan †
  • The Arelius Family
  • The Jai Clan
  • The Sandvipers
  • The Fishers
  • The Skysworn

Sacred Valley

  • The Wei Clan
  • Heaven's Glory School
  • Kazan Clan
  • Li Clan
  • Fallen Leaf School
  • Holy Wind School
  • Golden Sword School

Heavenly Factions:

  • The Abidan
  • The Vroshir

Locations of Cradle

Akura Territory

  • Blackflame Empire
  • Sacred Valley
  • Desolate Wilds
  • Serpents Grave
  • Stormrock
  • Blackflame City
  • Night Wheel Valley

Independent Edit

  • Ghostwater
  • The Wasteland

Outside Cradle Edit

  • Sanctum