Desolate Wilds

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A desolate Wilds consists of wastelands and forest with corrupted trees and poisoned waters, which spans across the western edge of the Blackflame Empire, ending with the mountain ranges that hide Sacred Valley

It took Lindon and Yerin weeks to cross on a Thousand Mile Cloud and Sky's Mercy, so it presumed to be fairly large.


Almost a thousand years ago, the Desolate Wilds were totally lawless, plagued by beasts and by wild sacred artists no better than animals themselves. Each man considered himself an Emperor, each woman an Empress, and they ruled whatever they could take at the end of a blade. But one day a woman emerged from nowhere with a shining spear in her hands. She united these rogue sacred artists under one name, killing those who resisted, and spreading law and civilization across the Wilds. For the next two centuries, while she lived, all the Wilds remained peaceful under her rule.


Desolate Wilds hosts a large population of Dreadbeasts. Humans live in sects out in the wastelands. Among these sects Five major tribes formed an alliance by the name of Five Factions Alliance. The alliance consists of : Jai Clan, Fisher Sect, Cloud Hammer Sect, Sandviper Sect and an Unknown faction.

Important Landmarks