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The Fisher sect / clan is introduced in book #2, Soulsmith


The Fisher clan (or sect) live in the Desolate Wilds, in the forlorn western region of the Blackflame Empire. Fishers are part of the Five Factions Alliance, along with Jai exiles, Sandvipers, Cloud Hammers, and the Purelake Temple sect. Like the other four factions, the Fishers search the Transcendent Ruins for Magical Items.

Fisher Characters

The Fishers carry a big gold hook, and often a net. They keep boats on Purelake. They have webbed fingers, as a Goldsign.
Fisher Ragahn is the leader of the sect, he is called The First Fisher. He is old, raggedy, gray-haired, barefoot. He looks like a beggar. But he’s one of the strongest sacred artists in the Wilds, and seems reasonable enough.

  • Ragahn (First Fisher, Path of the Fisherman, Truegold Rank)
  • Lokk (Disciple of Ragahn, Path of the Fisherman, Highgold Rank)
  • Fisher Gesha - (Soulsmith, Lindon’s tutor, Path of the Fisherman, Highgold Rank)

Hated Sandvipers

The Fishers and the Sandvipers are feuding enemies.

There were constructs in the tent to heat what water they brought, but if there existed any constructs that could create water out of madra, only the Purelake might have Soulsmiths skilled enough to build them. Maybe the Fishers, but he couldn't have any dealings with the Sandvipers' ancestral enemy. Not openly, anyway. (Soulsmith, ch 6)


Path of the Fisherman, aspects of force madra, perhaps gravity. The Goldsign is webbed fingers.

Hidden Spring Iron body:

The Hidden Spring Iron body. So called because they can go a long time without drinking water, so the idea is that they have a "hidden spring" inside their bodies and they never have to drink at all. This isn't true, it's just a myth they cultivate. Their bodies process water more efficiently so that they can survive longer in the wilderness of the Desolate Wilds where finding fresh water can be all but impossible.(Will Wight e899)


This clan follows a Path with aspects of force, like gravity. This attracting type of madra works well for Soulsmithing because it helps bind constructs together. The clan soulsmith is Fisher Gesha, a very old, very wizened Truegold who plays a big role in books #2-6, mainly. She travels to the heart of the Blackflame Empire with Lindon and becomes his tutor, teaching him her trade.