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All wiki contributors are welcome and greatly appreciated, here you will find information on priority work, style guides and long term projects. To get approved for editing please contact one of our moderators, LilBlue or TransEmo who can set up your permissions. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it!

Relevant Plea
"We need more wiki contributors"


What to work on?

New Pages and Completing half finished ones

The Abidan Archives are organized in a tree format following the guides lain out in the bubble tree linked below.

Wiki Structure Guide

This map guides the overall organization of the wiki and is periodically updated to reflect the completeness of any given page. If you are looking to add new pages to the wiki or complete unfinished ones this is a good place to start. Pages on the map are categorized in one of four ways.

  • Purple: These are Priority Pages, these pages have been deemed important but either empty or unfinished. If you can, these are the most important pages to work on.
  • White: These are simply empty pages, many of these pages are linked too from others but have no content, you can easily navigate to one of these pages and start filling them out.
  • Yellow: These are half finished pages, there is some content here but it either needs to be updated after a new release, or finished if it simply does not contain all of the necessary info.
  • Green: These are finished pages! One day all of the pages will be green! Some of these pages may still need updating if they have fallen behind, but they are pretty solid and don't need much work.

If you find any errors in the map, or you have updated something you can contact Maadrast who supposedly maintains it, or make an account and edit it yourself.

Long Term Projects

These are larger scale projects that often involve structural or organizational changes. Some can be easy to contribute to piece by piece even if you don't have time to tackle the whole thing. Behind the priority pages from the bubble map, these projects can be considered highly important.

Current Projects:

  1. The Cradle Characters and Cradle Glossary have a lot of overlap. They need to be consolidated and a direction for character navigation needs to be decided on.
  2. The Valinhall Page has had all of its content divided onto separate sub-pages. Most of this information should be brought back to the Valinhall page and the subpages removed.
  3. The Sacred Arts page is one of the best pages on the wiki with a wealth of detailed and clear information. However, it is extremely lengthy and certain other pages that are linked from here are hard to access. Custom navigation templets should be added and some organizational inspiration may be necessary.

Free Roaming

Feel free to also just roam around and look for things you want to add! If you see content missing from a page, something that should be rewritten, or find a broken link that leads nowhere feel free to step in. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Style and Theme Conventions

Page Templates

Certain types of pages are all about very similar things, for instance every character of import has their own character page. Because each of these pages require many of the same things, they are standardized and there is a dedicated template to dictate the structure of those types of pages. Some pages are unique and need not follow such guidelines, but if you are working on one of the standardized types of pages please use the relevant template. If the relevant template does not yet exist, feel free to make one!

Common Errors

We're generating a lot of content on this wiki and errors and spelling mistakes happen to the best of us. Below is a list of common errors to look out for either when adding new content or correcting old content:

Error Correction
Aurelius Arelius
Cassius Cassias
Sacred Artist (capitalisation) sacred artist
cradle Cradle
path Path
Madra madra
Path of Blackflame Path of Black Flame
Iron Body Iron body

In-Page Templates

There are many different custom in-page templates made for the Abidan Archive. These range from Navbars for each of the major trees in the wiki to quote boxes for clear references to the books and other material. Where ever they are useful try and use these templates as they make the wiki easier to read and navigate. Below is a list of the custom widgets and a short explanation of their use.

Cradle Navbox

This should be on the top of every page in the Cradle Tree, it provides easy access to all of the major sections of the Cradle Sub-tree. It requires no customization.

TG Navbox

This should be on the top of every page in the Travelers Gate Tree, it provides easy access to all of the major sections of the Travelers Gate Sub-tree. It requires no customization.

EE Navbox

This should be on the top of every page in the Travelers Gate Tree, it provides easy access to all of the major sections of the Travelers Gate Sub-tree. It requires no customization.

Quote Box

Relevant Quote
"Example quote here"

-John Smith

Any quotes from the books or other material should be placed in these. There is a wealth of customization available for these templates, but the only necessary ones are "quote" and "source". You can use "title" to add a label or "align" to change where on the page the quote box displays.

Character Templates

One of these templates should be present on every character page in every tree, choose the relevant character template for the tree. It provides an easy summary of important information and showcases a character portrait. Every field in this template is optional, fill out as many sections as you can and the rest will simply not be present on the template.

Template:TG Character

Cradle Elder Empire Travelers Gate
General information
PathWhite Fox
First AppearanceCity of Light
OriginThe happy dreams of children

Will wight potrait.png
General information
Soulbound VesselBroom
First AppearanceUnsouled

Lucan Arelius.jpg
General information
First AppearanceCrimson Vault
SpeciesSacred Squirrel
OriginA Valinhall Closet
FatherNaru Gwei
ParentsParents Unknown

test page

Priority Projects