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|Calan Archer, Therian Nills
|Calan Archer, Therian Nills
|Hollow King
==Notable Paths:==
*[[Path of the Hollow King]] - [[Eithan Arelius|Eithan Arelius's]] path
==Other Paths:==
==Other Paths:==

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Path Name Goldsign Aspects Affiliation Notable Practitioners
White Fox light, dream Wei clan
Celestial Radiance Ninecloud Court Sha Miara
Hungry Deep Scales on the forearms blood Northstrider
Eightfold Spear Eightman Empire
Endless Sword Six spider-like blade limbs sword Adama, Yerin
Heaven's Glory light, heat Heaven's Glory School
Mountain's Heart earth Kazan clan
Twin Stars pure, optional Wei Shi Lindon
Sandviper Animated Sandviper Remnant poison Sandviper clan Sandviper Gokren, Sandviper Kral
Stellar Spear Metal hair light, sword Jai clan Jai Daishou, Jai Long
Cloud Hammer A floating cloud above the head force, cloud Cloud Hammer School Chon Ma, Renfei
Black Flame Black and red eyes (contracted)

A dragon's tail

fire, destruction Blackflame family Wei Shi Lindon
Unstained Shield Pink gem eyes (contracted) Kotai clan
Thousand Hands Blood, Destruction Harmony's Axe(binding)
Silver Grace A silver metal bracer sword
Jade Eyes life(?) Redflower family
Broken Star force(?),light(?)
Crawling Shades An animated shadow/Remnant shadow
Twisting Rivers water
Last Oath
Grasping Sky Large angelic, green wings wind Naru clan Naru Jing, Naru Huan
Twisting Abyss shadow
Amberwell Yellow eyes dream, poison/death
Shifting Skies wind
Last Leaf life
Chainkeeper Hands gloved in a slick black madra shadow, force Akura clan Akura Justice
Flowing Flame fire, water(?) gold dragons Ekerinatoth, Sopharanatoth
Glacier's Birth ice Meiyen Teia
Whispering Wind wind The Script Lord
Rolling Earth earth, force Longhook
Seven Pages shadow, death, force, sword, water, dream Akura Clan Akura Mercy
Steel Guardian force, earth Seishen family Seishen Dakata, Seishen Kiro
Brightcrown A floating golden crown life Brightcrown family
Fisher Webbed digits force Fisher clan Fisher Gesha
Last Breath life or death
Twisted Blood blood
Wasteland Earth, wind Seshethkunaaz, Xorrus
Dawn Oath Green horns Force, light Dawnwing Sect Ziel
Stormcaller Rings of lightning on the arms Storm, hunger Stormcallers Calan Archer, Therian Nills
Hollow King none Pure

Other Paths:

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