Natural Spirits

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Natural Spirits are spirits that occur naturally under specific conditions. Most often found deep in ancient forests, natural spirits form when there is a perfect balance between multiple types of vital aura in a high concentration, and typically leaning towards one particular aspect. The major aspect(s) present when they form determine the type of spirit formed. They are highly prized by Refiners and Soulsmiths as they are highly malleable.

List of Natural Spirits


  • Riverseeds: Usually born in a forest where several types of aura are in balance, characterized primarily by water aura.
  • Graveseeds: Found in places with large quantities of death aura.
  • Dreamseeds: Found in places with large quantities of dream aura, like the Spirit Well dream tablet library.
  • Lifeseeds: no known references

Other Natural Spirits

  • Plague Spirits: found beneath disaster areas. A powerful host of these has been known to injure a monarch.