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General information
PathThe Hungry Deep
First AppearanceUnsouled

Northstrider is a Monarch on Cradle.

"The Monarch of unbound sacred artists, those with no sect or clan."

He was born with a special connection to blood through inherited dormant bloodline legacies. These allowed him to strengthen himself more and more by consuming water drakes.

He would venture out north into the ocean whenever he could to find prey, which is how he earned his name.

One day while roaming the deeps of the ocean, he stumbled upon a hidden entrance to the Labyrinth where he found hunger bindings. He incorporated them into his spirit to form the Path of the Hungry Deep.

He is also the creator of the pocket world Ghostwater, which was his attempt to enhance his mind by building a Presence. It failed, but Wei Shi Lindon succeeded in constructing Dross just before Ghostwater's destruction.

Path: The Hungry Deep

Aspects: Blood, Hunger.

A Path focused on devouring the physical and spiritual strength of dragons, as well as their latent authority, using them to empower the user. Most techniques are rudimentary, but become complex in execution when brought to life with the touch of the Dragon Icon.

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