Path of the Stellar Spear 2.0

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Forced to absorb a Remnant from a warped Path of the Stellar Spear, Jai Long does not possess the orthodox Goldsign of this clan, instead his face is twisted with lips stretched inhumanly wide in a smile that stretched all the way back to his ears, and a mouth full of fangs.

By absorbing an "unnatural" Remnant, Jai Long gained the ability to imbue forged madra with temporary life, something that's considered an advanced technique, far beyond him. This manifest as snakes of light that can attack independently of Jai Long.

Techniques:[edit | edit source]

  • Striker:
    • Star Lance:
      • Launches a bright blast of light and sword madra from the tip of a spear.
  • Enforcer:
    • Flowing Starlight:
      • The user circulates light-aspect mandra, and a bright pattern covers the users skin, enhancing his movement speed and perception.
    • Star's Edge:
      • The user, reinforces his weapon, a bright pattern covers the weapon , resulting in a "deadly star" at the end of his spear.
  • Ruler:
    • No known techniques, No combat ruler techniques exist
  • Forger:
    • No known techniques.

Cycling Techniques:[edit | edit source]

  • No specific techniques known

Iron Body:[edit | edit source]

  • Stellar Spear Iron Body
    • The specific mechanics of this body are unknown but presumably they help with speed, the main focus of the path of Stellar Spear in general.

Weapons/Tools:[edit | edit source]

  • Ancestors Spear
    • Though not directly linked to the Path of the Stellar Spear, the Ancestor's Spear was said to have been wielded by the original matriarch of the Jai Clan, the aforementioned 'Ancestor' in the name Ancestor's Spear. It is highly sought after by the Jai clan and is wielded by Jai Long from the end of Soulsmith till its destruction in Skysworn.