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If you are looking to add priority pages, open the map of the wiki found below and create pages highlighted in purple. The color legend should be up to date, contact u/Madraast on the wiki and Reddit or @Phat Delicious Butternut Squash on the discord with any errors you find or suggested edits. You can also make edits yourself if you make an account.


  • The Ranks page and the Sacred Arts page need to be combined. All the information belongs in the Sacred Arts page, but Ranks is more detailed and better organized.
  • The Valinhall page links to each power and weapon individually, the information contained in each of them should be copied over to the Valinhall homepage and the subpages deleted.
  • Character info boxes need to be added for all the character pages.

Example Pages

Certain pages that should contain similar types of information may have a pre-made example page. You can copy these pages and fill in the information for easy page creation.

Pages to be Grammar Checked and Formatted:

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