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[INFORMATION RESTRICTED] Suriel, Sixth Judge of the Abidan Court

Authorization Required to Access.

Authorization Confirmed: 006 - Suriel.

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General information
RankJudge 006 - The Phoenix
First AppearanceUnsouled
OriginSector 13

Phoenix Division

Restoration for the Abidan Court of Seven. The Phoenix division essentially function as the Abidan fixers. The power of the Phoenix is the power of restoration. An Abidan of the Phoenix Division can use the Way to return order to a system, restoring it to prime condition. Phoenixes are used as mechanics and engineers as often as healers, and are prized on any battlefield.

Though skilled Phoenix Abidan are rare, and their division small, they are also very durable. A Phoenix is said to be the second-most difficult of the Abidan to destroy (after a Titan), since powerful Phoenixes can regenerate even from total destruction.

The Phoenix Judge herself, Suriel, is the only entity capable of restoring the condition of an entire Iteration at once. This can cause irregularities for both the Spiders and the Hounds, so she is required to notify Sector Control prior to temporal reversion.

Descriptions of Suriel

Gender: Female. Weapon: a long blue razor.
Transparent gray ghostlines ran from the back of her head, twisting down her right arm to terminate in her fingers. The Mantle of Suriel ran behind her like she’d tied a river of burning light around her neck. Her white uniform was seamless, a layer of inch-thick liquid armor that coated her from her neck down to her toes. It seemed like Forged madra, which was close enough to the truth. She bore flaming blue wings and her weapon hung at her hip, a meter-long shaft of blue steel. Her long hair drifted around her, luminescent green and shining against the darkness of space.Her eyes were large and purple. Her irises had expanded to take up most of the sclera, marked with a ring of symbols recognizable as script. They were tools to help her see the flow of fate.


Ozriel is well-known as the most powerful Judge, However, he has no ability as a Phoenix. He has made it a point to befriend both the previous Suriel and this one, holding their talents in high esteem.

Suriel is an accomplished Fox (who excel at instant travel) and an able Spider (who detect deviations in chaos).She is the only entity capable of restoring the condition of an entire Iteration at once.

Her Offices on Sanctum

She wasn’t wearing her armor, there not being much chance of combat here in Sanctum. She wore a simple white uniform that her Presence materialized for her as she waited here, in the headquarters of the Phoenix Division of the Abidan. All Divisions were currently stretched to their absolute limits, but there was a special pressure on the Phoenixes right now. This massive headquarters, with its gleaming white domes the size of a mountain range, was the greatest hospital in existence. There were few things they couldn’t heal quickly, so they rarely needed to house many patients. The building’s size reflected its importance and the number of staff. Now the huge edifice was practically empty. She was in her personal quarters at the peak of the central dome, but she was almost the only Abidan in the entire place. (Reaper, ch 2)