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Kindle locations are based on the TG collection.

  • Sergeant Yakir description: C2 HoB, "like a sterotypical soldier"
  • Myria Mayor's entire existence: C2 HoB, "in front of the sergeant", dies soon after so this is essentially all the content about him, doesn't need an article realistically
  • Cormac description: C2 HoB, "head was hairless"
  • Alin description: C2 HoB, ""Alin stood a head taller"
  • Jaron's entire existence: C2 HoB, "know my friend Jaron", no description or anything, definitely no page
  • Malachi's colors are purple and brown (C2 HoB, "even fly flags")
  • Malachi's city is Bel Calem (C2 HoB, "even fly flags")
  • Leah wears a silver bracelet with a clear white crystal dangling from the chain (C2 HoB, "clear white crystal dangling")
  • Kortan is the closest village to Myria (C2 HoB, "head for Kortan"), mentioned only once later in C3
  • Description of Simon's house: C2 HoB, "minutes he reached his house", Simon made the door himself at 12, usually feels shame about the appearance of house, put in Myria/Simon articles?
  • Simon's sword described: C2 HoB, "wooden scabbard was chipped"
  • Simon's mother described: C2 HoB, Loc 475
  • Simon's mother gave him scars, Loc 484
  • Nurita is Leah's guardian in Myria, Loc 511
  • Leah, daughter of Kelia, Loc 555