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Ziel of the Wasteland
General information
PathPath of the Dawn Oath
RankDamaged Archlord

Dawnwing Sect

First AppearanceGhostwater

Ziel of the Wasteland is a man under the Beast King's protection who is a Truegold or Underlord in power due to his shattered spirit, but was an Archlord before the damage.


Ziel has two upward-curving emerald horns, they’re luminous lime green at the base and they run up the gradient to the points, which are dark green. Ziel is described as looking older than he actually is because of how he carries himself. He has bloodshot, half-lidded eyes and a tired looking, weary, and worn expression. Ziel wears a grey cloak that is stained and dirty that had once been a emblem dyed into the back that could have been a lotus flower or a web. He is also often quite close to his massive warhammer that he has to drag around: its haft is as long as he is tall, its head the width of his body. He has shoulder-length, slightly curly/shaggy black hair. Because of the way sacred arts progression works and his Archlord body, he looks like a 18-year-old despite being 35 having had his body re-forged in [[Soulfire]] thrice.


Ziel of the Wasteland used to be known as the leader of the Dawnwing sect and a genius when it came to the sacred arts. This can been seen by the fact that his body looks no older than 18 despite having once been an Archlord, and that he was a competitor in both recent Uncrowned tournaments. At a certain point after the Weeping Dragon moved past the land, Ziel and his sect were attacked by the Weeping Dragon's servants and in a failed attempt to rescue his apprentices he fought and lost to the Weeping Dragon cult's Sage. His soul was then torn apart and stuck back together completely wrong, leaving him weakened to the level of a Truegold or an Underlord (While there is usually a clear distinction between the two, Ziel has qualified for both the Ghostwater visit and the Uncrowned King Tournament, so his power level is unclear).