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Style Guide for "Books" pages

Book pages should have at least three sections.

From the back cover: Word for word the back cover blurb. Left justified, in italics. This needs an attribution, as it is a quote.

Summary: A summary of the book. This should include any major plot points of the book. It is tempting to include everything, but try to keep it to major plot points or things that will be significant for future books. Use sub-heading 2 format for any subheadings you may need. This should be left aligned, with a single line between paragraphs. Do not indent the first line. Short quotes should be left in the text. Longer quotes should use block quote formatting.

Characters: Include any major or secondary characters, as well as any characters that may be significant in past or future books. Focus on new information about that character from the book being discussed. Add the Character template info box to provide a summary of basic information.

Other categories: Include other categories if needed, including items, locations or Paths. Focus on information that was new that book, and that is significant. Remember there will be other areas that focus on these categories, so use these if it is needed for understanding the book.

General notes: If more detailed information is available elsewhere, link to it the first time it is mentioned. Subsequent mentions do not need to be linked. Spoilers are to be expected, but use your judgement for significant spoilers. All series related pages should start with their relevant navbox, e.g. (Cradle navbox on Cradle pages, EE navbox on EE pages)