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Set in Iteration 110: Cradle, this series follows Lindon and his friends as they advance to face the oncoming threat.

  1. Unsouled ( Jun '16 )
  2. Soulsmith ( Sep '16 )
  3. Blackflame ( Apr '17 )
  4. Skysworn ( Sep '17 )
  5. Ghostwater ( May '18 )
  6. Underlord (Mar '19)
  7. Uncrowned (Sep '19)
  8. Wintersteel (Oct '20)
  9. Bloodline (Apr '21)
  10. Reaper (Nov ‘21)
  11. Dreadgod (July '22)
  12. Waybound (June '23)

Will has also released a short story that takes place within Cradle on the mailing list. A Sword Unclean (Oct '16)

Also, the short story The Savior of Garden’s Gate features Ziel on his way to seek healing from The Beast King. It’s published in the anthology Heroes Wanted

The Elder Empire

Set in Iteration 11?: Asylum, this series follows Shera, of the Consultants Guild, and Calder, of the Navigator's guild. Their contrasting viewpoints are shown in two separate trilogy's: Shadow, following Shera, and Sea, following Calder. Either series can be read independently or they can read together.

  1. Of Shadow and Sea & Of Sea and Shadow (Dec '14)
  2. Of Darkness and Dawn & Of Dawn and Darkness (Aug/Dec '15)
  3. Of Killers and Kings & Of Kings and Killers (Apr '20)

Will also released the following short stories on the mailing list:

  1. Mistress of the Mists (Apr '16)
  2. Unsolved Cases of the Blackwatch (Oct '16)

The Traveler's Gate

  1. House of Blades ( Jun '13 )
  2. The Crimson Vault ( Aug '13 )
  3. City of Light ( Apr '14 )

There is also a collection of nine short stories called The Traveler's Gate Chronicles. It contains three previously published mini-collections, each of which contains three short stories. Each short story develops a territory other than Valinhall and Elysia further than what is in the main trilogy.

This series also contains short stories released to the mailing list.

  1. The Incarnation's Daughter (Apr '16)
  2. A Collection of Swords
  3. Steel Diplomacy (June '16)
  4. The Reaping Dance (Oct '16)
  5. The White Flame (Feb '18)

The Last Horizon

Will's latest series, with more books to come.

  1. The Captain
  2. The Engineer
  3. The Knight

The Traveler's Blade

The Traveler's Blade series (future project)

Other Works

House of Cool Swords (April Fools '16)

Deathmatch 1 - The Deathing Begins (Dec '16)

Deathmatch 2 - Return of the Death (Dec '16)

Deathmatch 3 - Sons of Death (Oct '17)