Deathmatch 3 - Sons of Death

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Deathmatch 3 - Sons of Death is set of 3 non-canon short stories released through Will's mailing list on October 31, 2017. Each describes a fight to the death set up by the Abidan between two characters from one of Will's series.

The first is between Northstrider and Alin as the Incarnation of Elysia from Northstrider's perspective. Northstrider wins with his first, preliminary attack.

The second is between Shuffles and an Elysian Hummingbird, from Shuffles' perspective. Each sustained injuries, but the hummingbird won.

The third is between Will Wight and Eithan as an Underlord. Eithan wins when Will asks to be pushed off the edge.

The story can be found at this google drive link.