Dragon Fang

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The defining attribute of a Valinhall Traveller is their sword or their Dragon Fang. There are twelve Dragon Fangs and bonding with one is the defining attribute of a Valinhall Traveller. Dragon Fangs are required to open gates both into and out of Valinhall, each one is a unique and unbreakable sentient sword that also earns it's wielder access to their own room in Valinhall and an advisor to assist the wielder in combat. The exception to that last rule is Mithra, the sword wielded by the current leader of Valinhall, rather than coming with a combat advisor, it is linked to the Eldest of the Nye, who assists in administration. Dragon Fangs are also useful for channeling other powers from Valinhall such as Wind and the Frozen Horn, obviously this doesn't work with all powers.