Estyr Six

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Estyr Six is one of the Regents of the Aurelian Empire.


Early Life

Estyr Six was born almost 2000 years before the events of Elder Empire. Her homeland, the Dylian Mountains, had very harsh weather, to the point where the inhabitants were forced to hunt Kameira to survive it. The families who lived there were in a hierarchy of strength based on the victors of yearly wars, where the weakest lived farther up the mountain.

Estyr was 14th up the mountain and eventually decided to do something about her and her family's terrible living conditions. She killed a Cloudseeker Hydra and strapped it's head to her back. She then did the same thing two times over before returning to her family. She then bonded the three skulls as her Soulbound Vessels and defeated eight families all at once, becoming Estyr Six.

Before she could defeat the rest of the families, Kthanikahr attacked her homeland. Estyr battled the Great Elder, turning the mountain range into a basin.