Latari Forest

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Latari Forest is a forest in Damasca.

“Why, I’ve never told you the story of the Demon of Latari Forest?"

-Edina, House Of Blades


Latari Forest is rumored to be the home of a demon generally known as 'Forest Demon'. However, later on we come to know that the Forest Demon is just a legend about the Latari Forest likely created by people who witnessed Valinhall Travelers.

In 350th Year of the Damascan Calendar Simon and his family suffers a tragedy while travelling through the forest when two Enosh travelers kills the father and almost does the same to his mother if they weren't rescued by a mysterious figure (later revealed to be Indrial). Travelers are killed by the supposed Forest Demon who afterward apologies for not being able to come sooner. With his father dead and his mother in a damaged state Simon returns to his village but not before swearing to come back to the forest, so he could learn from the Forest Demon.

The tragedy of Kalman and Edina kept the villagers away from the Latari Forest for the following years.

After some years, Simon returns to the forest to seek out the stranger who saved him, but finds someone else instead: a madman named Kai who talks to dolls. Kai takes Simon as an apprentice and lets him into Valinhall where he learns the secrets of becoming a Valinhall Traveler.

Valinhall has some features which makes it different to other territories. One such unique thing about it is that unlike other territories Valinhall Travelers can't use it to travel. Its portal opens to the last place a Valinhall traveler must have created a gate and nowhere else. Only one exception to this rule is the gate to Latari Forest. Kai was maybe one of the few who knew about this secret.

Latari also hosts the tree that sealed Valin who was the Founder and Incarnation of Valinhall.

Kai was said to be either in the Valinhall or in the Latari Forest which he recognizes as being the only thing that kept him sane.

Geography of The Latari Forest

The Northwest of Latari is near the Myria Village

The Southeast of Latari Forest leads to Harinfel which falls in Lysander's realm