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It is best known in the books as the secondary Territory of Queen Leah, which is marked by a bracelet with a milky white crystal on her hand.

The Lirial banner is two crescent moons bracketing a full moon with a starburst in the center.


Every Lirial Traveler has a Source, which they funnel energy into from their body. This Source is called on for power when they want to summon Lirial crystal, use an artifact, or call a creature to their aid.

Lirial Crystal

Lirial crystal can be called into the Unnamed World and used to seal or defend. It can, when placed correctly, block attacks, but its main use is sealing. When it is called, it does not pierce, instead encasing the victim. If they are entirely covered, their life will be sustained by the crystal.


Lirial artifacts can be acquired by raiding the ancient tombs of the Daniri, which are protected by dangerous traps but hold many treasures. For instance, Leah has a scrying lens, and an even rarer artifact which can make a difference in battle is a star-net. These artifacts are stored in a sanctum which cannot be summoned from in Lirial itself.


Source energy is used as a form of currency with the creatures of Lirial. One such creature we have seen took energy from Leah, and in return helped her, however, he took more than Leah was prepared to give. Travelers must be careful with this. The creature's name was Seliethin, and he was a bluish ape with six eyes.