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Ragnarus is a Territory. It is known in the books as the Territory of the Damascan royal bloodline, as they bound the Territory to them alone.


In Ragnarus, there are shelves lined with artifacts that can be summoned. Each of these require a price, however, and they should not be taken lightly.

Known Artifacts

  • The Lonely Dagger

A long dagger meant to slice through insubstantial Traveler powers, but can break skin as well. Price: After use, when banished back to Ragnarus, the Dagger will make the user forgot someone. The longer they keep it, the more important the person they forget.

  • Leah's Crown

Banishes and incapacitates enemies. Price: removes the power of speech, temporarily

  • Hanging Tree

Locks Incarnations in a prison below the ground. Price: one death a year and the blood of the Traveler upon planting.

  • The Lightning Spear

Powerful spear that can be thrown. Price: spasm of indescribable pain.

  • Bleeding Wand

Very deadly weapon. 'Can reduce a legion of soldiers to bloody scraps'. Price: devours the user's sanity.

  • Rod of Harmony

A ruby-topped staff which backfires the powers of others onto themselves. Price: devours emotions, feelings

  • Bowl

Wide, shallow bowl. Price: drains heat.

  • Pillar of Sunset

Blocks (with a dome of crimson light) any Traveling or traveling in or out of a location. Price: Unknown, exacted from citizens inside the dome over time.

  • The Mask

A red Ragnarus mask that, when worn, gives a Traveler (any Traveler) almost unlimited access to their powers, only in danger of Incarnation. Price: drains life-force