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Asylum is Iteration 112,[1] located in Sector Eleven along with Cradle and Amalgam.[2] It is the setting for the Elder Empire series. The Abidan use this world as a prison world to contain a number of Fiends of Chaos, or Great Elders, as they are known by the human population in Asylum. Because Asylum is sealed off, even inhabitants who are powerful enough that they would normally be able to ascend, such as the Emperor, are not able to.[3] The Abidan originally intended to use Asylum as a temporary prison until the Elders had fully corrupted it, at which point they would have had Ozriel destroy it. When the Emperor liberated humanity, it prospered beyond that which the Abidan predicted. The increase of the human population strengthened the worlds tether to the Way. This helped Asylum avoid corruption much longer than anticipated.[4]