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A Sector is a grouping of Iterations within the Abidan method of administrating and organizing the Way. Iterations are grouped into sectors based on their location in the Way;[1] Iterations can be shifted between Sectors, though doing so is difficult and requires a Judge's involvement.[2] Each Sector contains ten Iterations, and the Iterations within a Sector are given numbers consisting of the Sector number plus one additional digit.

The Spider Division runs Sector Control, which consists of groups of Abidan assigned to deal with issues arising in relation to each particular Sector.[3][4] Sector Control also has some way of detecting when anyone crosses the Way within their sector.[5]

When Ozriel appears, with his ability to cleanly eliminate dying Iterations without spreading corruption, the Abidan are able to expand from managing only two hundred fifty Iterations to having ten thousand under their protection, with a thousand of those fully integrated.[5][6] After he disappears, they decide to protect only twenty core Sectors and evacuate the rest, as the attack on the Abidan continues, they end up keeping control of just ten Sectors.[7]