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General information
Magic SystemReader
First AppearanceOf Shadow and Sea

Lucan A trained assassin and Reader under the order of the Gardeners of the Consultants.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"But I see things you can't. I pick up a woman's hairbrush, and I can see that she inherited it from her older sister when she was seven. it's all that she saved from her burning house. Once I know that, how am I supposed to kill her?" Lucan[source]

Despite being an assassin Lucan is not willing to kill unless there is no other option or the individual truly deserves to die. His abilities as a Reader are the source of this reluctance.

He is in a committed relationship with Shera and often becomes her voice of reason in life.

The other characters generally regard him as one of the most honorable characters in the series.

Abilities/Weapons[edit | edit source]

He is hailed as one of the most powerful Readers on the planet, having been trained by The Emperor himself.

He is a Gardener and therefore is trained as an elite assassin, but due to his training with The Emperor he is also much more competent in close quarters combat than the average Gardener.