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Shera is a trained assassin for the Consultant's Guild, under the order of Gardeners.

As of Of Darkness and Dawn, she is the Consultants' Guild Head.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shera is extraordinarily cold when it comes to killing, and she speculates that 'she is missing something inside her'. She only cares for a few people that she trusts, such as Meia and Lucan, her partner Gardeners.

She is also quite lazy and sleeps whenever and wherever she can.

Despite this, she is in a committed relationship with Lucan.

Abilities/Weapons[edit | edit source]

Shera is a Gardener, and as such is an elite assassin.

She possesses two shears (see Gardener for further details) that have been personally invested by both Lucan and The Emperor. During Of Shadow and Sea, the Left Shear was Awakened by Lucan. The Right Shear was Awakened near the end of Of Darkness and Dawn by Darius Allbright a knight of The Luminian Order.

Syphren is the Left Shear of Shera, having been named this by Lucan after he awakened the blade. Syphren's appearance is that of a portal to "The Nether World" masses of ghostly hands push against the surface of an apparently glass-like surface but they find no purchase through. It holds the ability to steal the lifeforce of those it stabs making it able kill to kill a Handmaiden of Nakothi.

Bastion is the supposed Reincarnation of Bastion's Veil. As of now the full abilities of this blade are unknown, but it does seem to hold a similar power to Bastion's Veil in that it can call a magical mist out of nowhere.