Unsolved Cases of the Blackwatch

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Unsolved Cases of the Blackwatch isa short story from taking place on Asylum released through Will's mailing list on October 31, 2016. It ais written as a letter from a Chronicler and Silent One, Kans and Ector Summerwhite, to the heads of the Witness' Guild. This letter describes his meeting with a retired Watchmen, Damos Aldrin. Damos tells about unsolved cases.

The first case is about a child who went missing from the top of a tree that seemed to be completely normal.

The second case is about a woman who saw a man with strange eyes that the Watchmen couldn't see.

The third case is about a strange, sunken Navigator ship and a pair of divers that returned from exploring it, despite nobody remembering them.

Finally, Kans realizes that there must have been a second Watchmen he interviewed that was erased from his memories and records by the end of the meeting.

The story can be found at this google drive link.