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Kthanikahr is a Chaos Fiend and one of the Great Elders imprisoned on Asylum.

Kthanikahr cares not for humanity, but he is interested in preserving this planet as a habitat for his worms.

-Artur Belfry, Imperial Witness, concluding his confidential report to the Blackwatch


Kthanikahr - The Worm Lord - wants the whole of humanity to be devoured and replaced by his worms. It is rumored that Wormclouds stem from Kthanikahr , that when the Emperor struck him down, the Great Elder personally blighted the weather.

During the events of Of Kings and Killers / Of Killers and Kings Worm Lord's prison just like other Great Elder's was weakened. Kthanikahr’s tomb was in northern Izyria.


Before the Emperor's rise to the power, Kthanikahr descended upon the Dylian Mountains - the home of Estyr Six and killed everyone of her kin. Great Elder was later on engaged in a battle by Estyr Six on the slopes of the Dylian Mountains which were destroyed as a result and formed what would be known to the modern generations as Dylian Basin.