Ozmanthus Arelius

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Eithan Arelius
General information
PathPath of Eithan
FactionPatriarch of Blackflame branch of House Arelius
First AppearanceSoulsmith
HomeArelius Homeland

Eithan Arelius is an Underlord on Cradle. One of the main characters, he acts as the mentor and de facto leader of the


Pretty straight forward, include quotes from the book if possible.


Any notable personality quirks, their temperament, e.g. always smiling or apologizing?


Any history we are aware of from before their introduction in the books goes here. Followed by a book by book summary of the characters story line in each.

Powers and Techniques

Link the characters path here, along with their Iron body and any notable items or powers they may also have. If they have a bloodline ability it goes here as well. Their path page should have a solid explanation of the paths abilities and limitations, but here you can also touch on how the character uses the path and any special synergy they may gain from other abilities or items they have. Finally a demonstration of their mastery or skill can also be explained here, just a rough estimate of how strong they are in comparison to everyone else.