Sacred Arts

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The Sacred Arts are Cradle's magic system.


Vital Aura

In the world, Vital Aura gathers around the elements it belongs to; for instance, stone aura gathers around stone, and water aura gathers around water. The more of an element that is present, the more aura gathers there. Slowly, and at different speed for different elements, the elements themselves, will start to gather the aura, and if left undisturbed for long enough, these veins of Vital Aura are refined into a higher state. Pools of water will turn into sacred pools, which are often used to refine elixirs, and Titan's Bone, which comes from stone, is almost unbreakable. Additionally, in a high enough concentration of a singular aura, the aura may condense into a Natural Treasure, similar to forged Madra. In much the same way, in a sufficiently dense and balanced environment, the aura may coalesce into a natural spirit.


Madra is the energy produced and residing in one's core. Life, blood, and dream aura generated by ones body are initially converted into Pure Madra, but as Vital Aura is gathered and integrated into the core, it takes on the aspects of that aura, and the corresponding Madra is produced instead. Once cultivated, Madra can be used to fuel and empower a multitude techniques as well as one's own body. As you advance, your Madra becomes more potent and more dense, allowing you to do more with less.

The core resides in the center your spirit, placed just below the navel, and Madra channels loop from your core, through the body, and back again. There are three ways to replenish and expand your Madra pool; one, you can cycle it, two, you can draw in Vital Aura of the same aspect into your core, or three, you can use elixirs and pills.


As a default, a newborn human baby will born with Pure Madra in its core. This Madra is the only one that doesn't have a corresponding Vital Aura. To get your core to another kind of Madra, you have to cycle Vital Aura of the chosen aspect(s), which will slowly turn your Madra into that kind, until your body at last produces that kind by itself.

Unlike humans, Sacred Beasts are not born with Pure Madra.

There are multiple ways to cycle Madra. One can cycle to take in and process aura, one can cycle to use a technique, one can cycle to restore lost Madra, or one can cycle to refine and control the Madra you already have. All of this will be done at different time throughout your life, as you use your Madra.

Core Capacity

Separate from the quality of Madra, which is defined by its density, a practician in the Sacred Arts also has a limited capacity to his core. This capacity increases as you advance, and the core is able to stretch in order to expand itself.

Some cycling techniques, like the Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel, focus solely on increasing the capacity of the core.


Advancement in the sacred arts is done by accumulation and refining of one's Madra and condensing of the core with various other changes throughout.

Cradle's magic system is conveniently separated into realms of advancements, with clear ranks in each realm.

The Foundation Realm

The Gold Realm

The Lord Realm

The peak of the Lord Realm is a special advancement stage, which is harder to achieve than advancing to the next realm.

Beyond Lord

The name for the realm of the advancement ranks beyond Lord is not known, but the two ranks are.


There are four kinds of techniques that you can use.


Strikes your opponent with madra from a distance.


Creates stable, physical manifestations or objects of madra.


Empowers your body or something you are holding. Depending on madra type and technique, the benefits will vary.


Uses madra to control vital aura to create an effect around you, for example control wind or trap your opponent within illusions. Often, a technique will be a combination of multiple technique styles.

Often, a technique will use a combination of multiple types of techniques. As you use a technique, it will be cumulatively engraved into your soul, making the technique stronger and more versatile. In addition, some madra types are incapable of being used in certain techniques.