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This is meant to be a convenient glossary of the characters of the Cradle Series. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but it is meant to be a primer.

The Ascended


Court of Seven

  • Makiel (First Judge, Judge of Fate, The Hound)
    • The Hounds
      • Kiuran (Messenger)
  • Gadrael (Second Judge, The Titan)
    • The Titans
      • Pariana (One Star Titan)
  • Darandiel (Third Judge, The Ghost)
  • Telariel (Fourth Judge, The Spider)
  • Razael (Fifth Judge, The Wolf)
  • Suriel (Sixth Judge, The Phoenix)
  • Zakariel (Seventh Judge, The Fox)
  • Ozriel (Eighth Judge, The Reaper)
  • Adriel (The Creator


  • Tal’gullour
  • The Mad King
    • The Crystal Halls
  • Iri/The Crystal Angler (Cosmic Thief)


Ninecloud Continent

The Ninecloud Court

  • Sha Leiala (former Luminous Queen, Path of Celestial Radiance, Monarch Rank, deceased)
  • Sha Miara (Luminous Queen, Path of Celestial Radiance, Monarch Rank)
  • Sha Relliar (Herald Rank)
  • Sha Dellian (Underlord Rank)
  • Sha Siris (Underlord Rank)

Everwood Continent

Titan’s Grove

  • Emriss Silentborn (Queen of the Everwood Continent, Monarch Rank)
  • Chryleia (Herald Rank)

Rosegold Continent

House Shen

  • Reigan Shen (Emperor of the Rosegold Continent, Path of the King’s Key, Monarch Rank)
  • Yushi Shen/Thunder Fairy (Herald Rank)

Arelius Family Main Branch

  • Tiberian Arelius (Path of the Raging Sky, Monarch Rank, killed by Reigan Shen)
  • Cladia Arelius/Sage of a Thousand Eyes (Sage Rank)
  • Veris Arelius (Underlord Rank)
  • Altavian Arelius (Underlord Rank)

Ashwind Continent

Akura Clan

  • Akura Malice (Matriarch of the Akura Clan, Path of Eternal Night, Monarch Rank)
  • Akura Fury (Path of Seven Pages, Monarch Rank)
  • Akura Charity/Sage of Silver Heart (Path of Seven Pages, Book of Silver Heart, Sage Rank)
  • Akura Justice (First Gatekeeper of the Akura Clan. Path of the Chainkeeper, Archlord Rank)
  • Akura Mercy (Path of Seven Pages, Book of Eternal Night, Underlord Rank)
  • Akura Pride (Path of Seven Pages, Underlord Rank)
  • Akura Grace (Underlord Rank, killed by Redmoon Hall Overlords)
  • Akura Courage (Underlord Rank, killed by Brother Aekin)
  • Akura Shiria (Underlord Rank)
  • Akura Douji (Underlord Rank, killed by Calan Archer)
  • Akura Harmony (Path of the Shadow Blade*, Truegold Rank, died when Ghostwater collapsed)
  • Old Man Lo (Overlord Rank)


  • Beast King (Herald Rank)
  • Ziel (Path of the Dawn Oath, Truegold Rank)

Frozen Blade School

  • Min Shuei/Sage of the Frozen Blade (Path of the Frozen Blade*, Sage Rank)
  • Maten Teia (Path of the Frozen Blade*, Underlord Rank)
  • Maten Kei (Path of the Frozen Blade*, Underlord Rank)

Iceflower Continent

Eight Man Empire

  • Larian (Path of the Eightfold Spear, Sage or Herald Rank)
  • Shann Del’rek
    • Ghost-Blade Warband
      • Ulrok Crag-Strider (Path of the Ghost Blade, Underlord Rank)

Blackflame Empire

Naru Clan

  • Naru Huan (Emperor of the Blackflame Empire, Path of Grasping Sky, Overlord Rank)
  • Naru Saeya (Path of the Grasping Sky, Underlord Rank)
  • Naru Jing Arelius (Wife of Cassias, Path of Grasping Sky, Truegold Rank)


  • Naru Gwei (Captain of the Skysworn, Path of Grasping Sky, Underlord Rank)
  • Renfei (Path of the Cloud Hammer*, Truegold Rank, killed by Akura Harmony)
  • Bai Rou (Path of the Amber Well, Truegold Rank)
  • Pai Ren (Truegold Rank, killed by Longhook)

Kotai Clan

  • Kotai Shou (Patriarch of the Kotai Clan, Path of the Unstained Shield, Underlord Rank)
  • Kotai Reina (Path of the Unstained Shield, Underlord Rank)
  • Kotai Taien (Path of the Unstained Shield, Lowgold Rank)

Arelius Family

  • Eithan Arelius (Path of the Hollow King, Archlord Rank)
  • Gaien Arelius (Truegold Rank)
  • Cassias Arelius (Path of Silver Grace*, Truegold Rank)
  • Lezaar (Refiner)

Jai Clan

  • Jai Daishou (Patriarch of the Jai Clan, Path of the Stellar Spear, Underlord Rank, killed by Jai Chen)
  • Jai Long (Liaison to the Sandvipers, Path of the Stellar Spear, Truegold Rank)
  • Jai Yu (Path of the Stellar Spear, Highgold Rank, killed by Cassias)
  • Jai Sen (Path of the Stellar Spear, Lowgold Rank)
  • Jai Chen

Cloud Hammer School

  • Chon Ma (Head of the Cloud Hammer School, Path of the Cloud Hammer*, Underlord Rank)

Jade Eyes School

  • Li Min Redflower (Head of the Jade Eyes School, Path of the Jade Eyes, Underlord Rank)

Underlord Rankings

  • Chon Ma (First)
  • Naru Gwei (Second)
  • Kotai Shou (Third)
  • Eithan Arelius (Seventh)

Seishen Kingdom

Seishen Clan

  • Seishen Dakata (King of the Seishen Kingdom, Path of the Steel Guardian, Overlord Rank)
  • Seishen Kiro (Prince of the Seishen Kingdom, Path of the Steel Guardian, Underlord Rank, killed by Lindon)
  • Seishen Daji (Prince of the Seishen Kingdom, Path of the Steel Guardian, Underlord Rank)

Riyusai Family

  • Riyusai Meira (Underlord Rank)

Dragon Country

  • Seshethkunaaz (Path of the Wasteland, Monarch Rank, killed by Penance)
  • Xorrus (Left Hand of the Dragon Monarch, Path of the Burning Wasteland*, Herald Rank)

Golden Dragons

  • Sopharanatoth (Path of the Flowing Flame, Overlord Rank, killed by Lindon)
  • Nagatonatoth (Path of the Flowing Flame, Truegold Rank, killed by Yerin)
  • Ekerinatoth (Path of the Flowing Flame, Truegold Rank, killed by Lindon)
  • Derianatoth (Path of the Flowing Flame, Highgold Rank, killed by Yerin)

Green Dragons

  • Garrylondryth (Herald Rank)

Black Dragons

  • Naian Blackflame (Path of the Black Flame, Underlord Rank, killed by Sophara after he fought in the Uncrowned King tournament)

Desolate Wilds


  • Gokren (Chief of the Sandvipers, Path of the Sandviper, Truegold Rank, killed by Orthos)
  • Kral (Son of Gokren, Path of the Sandviper, Highgold Rank, killed by Lindon)
  • Resh (Path of the Sandviper, Lowgold Rank)
  • Tern (Path of the Sandviper, Lowgold Rank)
  • Tash (Path of the Sandviper, Lowfold Rank)
  • Grenn (Messenger for Jai Long, Path of the Sandviper)
  • Bren (Path of the Sandviper, Iron Rank)


  • Ragahn (First Fisher, Path of the Fisherman, Truegold Rank)
  • Lokk (Disciple of Ragahn, Path of the Fisherman, Highgold Rank)
  • Gesha (Soulsmith, Path of the Fisherman, Truegold Rank)

Dreadgod Cults

Redmoon Hall

  • Sage of Red Faith (Sage Rank)
  • Longhook (Path of Rolling Earth, Underlord Rank, killed by Eithan)
  • Blacksword (Underlord Rank)
  • Gergen (Underlord Rank)
  • Yan Shoumei (Underlord Rank)


  • Sage of Calling Storms (Sage Rank)
  • Therian Nills (Path of the Stormcaller*,Underlord Rank)
  • Calan Archer (Path of the Stormcaller*, Underlord Rank, killed by Lindon)

The Silent Servants

  • Kenvata Nasuma Juvari (Underlord Rank)

Abyssal Palace

  • Maraan (High Priest, Underlord Rank)
  • Brother Aekin (Underlord Rank, killed by Lindon)
  • Era (Priestess, Truegold Rank)

Sacred Valley

Wei Clan

  • Whisper (Elder, White Fox Sacred Beast)
  • Wei Jin Sairus (Wei Clan Patriarch, Path of the White Fox, Ruler, Jade Rank)
  • Wei Jin Amon (Grandson of Sairus, Path of the White Fox, Striker, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Mon Keth (Head of the Mon Family, Path of the White Fox, Striker, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Mon Teris (Son of Keth, Path of the White Fox, Enforcer, Copper Rank)
  • Wei Mon Eri (Daughter of Keth, Path of the White Fox, Striker, Foundation Rank)
  • Wei Shi Jaran (Head of the Shi Family, Path of the White Fox, Forger, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Shi Seisha (Wife of Jaran, Path of the White Fox, Forger, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Shi Kelsa (Daughter of Jaran, Path of the White Fox, Ruler, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Shi Lindon (Son of Jaran, Path of the Twin Hearts, Path of Black Flame, Sage? Rank)

Li Clan

  • Li Markuth (Grand Patriarch of the Li Clan)
  • Li Shao (Forger, Iron Rank)

Heaven’s Glory School

  • Whitehall (Elder, Path of Heaven’s Glory, Jade Rank, killed by Lindon)
  • Rahm (Elder, Path of Heaven’s Glory, Forger, Jade Rank)
  • Anses (Elder, Path of Heaven’s Glory, Jade Rank)
  • Harbek (Elder, Path of Heaven’s Glory, Jade Rank, killed by the Sword Sage)
  • Nasiri (Elder, Path of Heaven’s Glory, Jade Rank, killed by the Sword Sage)
  • Serenity (Elder, Path of Heaven’s Glory, Jade Rank, killed by the Sword Sage)
  • Kazan Ma Deret (Disciple, Path of the Mountain’s Heart, Forger, Iron Rank, killed by Lindon)


  • Timaias Adama/Sage of the Endless Sword (Path of the Endless Sword, Sage Rank, killed by the Heaven’s Glory School)
  • Yerin Arelius (Disciple of the Sword Sage, Path of the Endless Sword, Ruler, Herald? Rank)

Unknown Region

Trackless Sea

  • Northstrider (Path of the Hungry Deep, Monarch Rank)

Referenced Characters

  • The Script Lord (Path of the Whispering Wind, Archlord Rank)
  • Meiyen Teia (Path of Glacier’s Birth, Underlord Rank)
  • Sage of Fallen Blades (Sage Rank)
  • Forrest Sage (Sage Rank)

Terms and Places


  • Oversight (Outpost 01)
  • Sanctum (Iteration 001)
  • Haven (Iteration 002)
  • Asylum
  • Jubilee
  • Obelisk
  • Solitude
  • Amalgam
  • Cradle (Iteration 110)
  • Limit (Iteration 216)
  • Harrow (Iteration 217)


  • Path of the Twin Stars (Used by Wei Shi Lindon Arelius, Pure Madra)
  • Path of the Black Flame (Used by Wei Shi Lindon and the Blackflame Family, Flame/Destruction Madra, Goldsign: Black and Red Eyes, Tail)
  • Path of the Endless Sword (Used by the Sword Sage and Yerin Arelius, Sword Madra, Goldsign: Blade Attachments)
  • Path of the Hollow King (Used by Eithan Arelius, Pure Madra)
  • Path of Silver Grace* (Used by Cassias Arelius, Sword Madra, Goldsign: Silver Gauntlet)
  • Path of Celestial Radiance (Used by the Sha Family, Royal Madra)
  • Path of the King’s Key (Used by Reigan Shen, Force/Space Madra)
  • Path of the Raging Sky (Used by Tiberian Arelius, Water/Wind/Lightning Madra)
  • Path of the Hungry Deep (Used by Northstrider, Hunger/Blood Madra)
  • Path of the Dawn Oath (Used by the Dawnwing Sect, Goldsign: Two Green Horns)
  • Path of Seven Pages (Used by the Akura Clan, Shadow Madra, Goldsign: Varied)
  • Path of the Chainkeeper (Used by the Akura Clan, Shadow Madra, Goldsign: Black Tar Hands)
  • Path of the Shadow Blade* (Used by Akura Harmony, Shadow/Sword Madra, Goldsign: Black Halo)
  • Path of the Eightfold Spear (Used by Larian)
  • Path of the Ghost Blade* (Used by the Ghost-Blade Warband, Sword/Death Madra, Goldsign: Floating Green Spirit)
  • Path of the Wasteland (Used by Seshethkunaaz)
  • Path of the Burning Wasteland* (Used by Xorrus)
  • Path of the Flowing Flame (Used by Gold Dragons, Fire/Water Madra)
  • Path of the Frozen Blade* (Used by the Frozen Blade School, Sword/Ice Madra, Goldsign: Ice Blades)
  • Path of Grasping Sky (Used by the Naru Clan, Wind Madra, Goldsign: Emerald Wings)
  • Path of the Cloud Hammer* (Used by the Cloud Hammer School, Cloud Madra, Goldsign: Overhead Cloud)
  • Path of the Unstained Shield (Used by the Kotai Clan, Goldsign: Gray Skin)
  • Path of the Stellar Spear (Used by the Jai Clan, Light/Sword Madra, Goldsign: Metal Hair)
  • Path of the Broken Star (Spun off from the Path of the Stellar Spear)
  • Path of the Last Breath (Used by Mo She)
  • Path of the Last Leaf (Used by the Lastleaf School)
  • Path of the Sandviper (Used by the Sandvipers, Venom Madra, Goldsign: Green Sandviper on Arm)
  • Path of the Fisherman (Used by the Fishers, Force Madra, Goldsign: Webbed Fingers)
  • Path of the Amber Well (Used by Bai Rou, Goldsign: Glowing Yellow Eyes)
  • Path of the Steel Guardian (Used by the Seishen Clan, Earth/Force Madra, Goldsign: Silver Breastplate)
  • Path of Rolling Earth (Used by Longhook, Earth/Force Madra)
  • Path of the Stormcaller* (Used by the Stormcallers, Goldsign: Lightning Around Forearms)
  • Path of Heaven’s Glory (Used by the Heaven’s Glory School, Light Madra)
  • Path of the White Fox (Used by the Wei Clan, Light/Dream Madra)
  • Path of the Mountain’s Heart (Used by the Kazan Clan, Earth Madra)
  • Path of the Whispering Wind (Used by the Script Lord, Wind Madra)
  • Path of Glacier’s Birth (Used by Meiyen Teia)
  • Path of Crawling Shadows (Unknown Users)
  • Path of Twisting Rivers (Unknown Users)
  • Path of the Last Oath (Unknown Users)
  • Path of the Twisting Abyss (Unknown Users)
  • Path of Twisted Blood (Unknown Users, Life/Shadow/Blood Madra)
  • Path of the Shifting Skies (Unknown Users, Water/Wind/Cloud Madra)
  • Path of the Song of Falling Ash (Unknown Users)


  • Empty Palm (Path of the Twin Stars, Striker, Attack on an Enemy’s Core)
  • Soul Cloak (Path of the Twin Stars, Enforcer, Full Body Enforcement)
  • Hollow Domain (Path of the Twin Stars, Ruler, Nullification Field)
  • Burning Cloak (Path of the Black Flame, Enforcer, Burst of Strength)
  • Void Dragon’s Dance (Path of the Black Flame, Ruler, Spontaneous Combustion)
  • The Dragon Descends (Path of the Black Flame, Striker/Enforcer/Ruler/Forger, Dragon Claw)
  • Rippling Sword (Path of the Endless Sword, Striker, Razor Sharp Air Slashes)
  • Flowing Sword (Path of the Endless Sword, Enforcer, Enforces a Sword Progressively Throughout a Fight)
  • Endless Sword (Path of the Endless Sword, Ruler, Sword Resonance)
  • Hidden Sword (Path of the Endless Sword, Forger, Invisible Trap)
  • Final Sword (Path of the Endless Sword, Striker//Ruler/Forger, Creates a Perfect Blade)
  • Absolute Decree (Path of Celestial Radiance, Places Opponent’s Madra Under User’s Control)
  • Nine-Light Mirror (Path of Celestial Radiance, Creates a Mirror that Reflects Attacks)
  • Heaven’s Wish (Path of Celestial Radiance, Ability to Pass on Spirit)
  • Consume (Path of the Hungry Deep, Steal Life Force and Madra from Enemies)
  • Stone Anchor (Path of the Dawn Oath, Enforcer, Reinforces Skeleton and Roots You to the Ground)
  • Oathsign (Path of the Dawn Oath, Forger, Creates Script Circles)
  • Crushing Black Palm (Path of Seven Pages, Forger/Enforcer, Numerous Shadow Palm Strikes)
  • Strings of Shadow (Path of the Chainkeeper, Striker, Shadow Strings)
  • Shadow’s Edge (Path of the Shadow Blade*, Striker, Blade of Shadow)
  • Nine Blades of the Underworld (Path of the Shadow Blade*, Forger, Strikes Nine Times at Target)
  • Dark Tide Incantation (Path of Seven Pages, Enforcer, Full Body Enforcement)
  • Nightworm Venom (Path of Seven Pages, Corrupts and Eats Through Madra)
  • Dream of Darkness (Path of Seven Pages)
  • Riverflame Dance (Path of Flowing Flame, Enforcer, Full Body Enforcement)
  • Azure Moon Reigns (Path of Flowing Flame, Ruler/Forger, Turns Water Aura Against an Opponent)
  • Crimson Sun Rises (Path of Flowing Flame, Ruler/Forger, Turns Fire Aura Against an Opponent)
  • Hollow Spear (Path of the Hollow King, Striker, Beam of Pure Madra)
  • Hollow Armor (Path of the Hollow King, Enforcer, Body Reinforcement)
  • Crown of the Hollow King (Path of the Hollow King, Forger, Pure Madra Stars)
  • Hollow King’s Mantle (Path of the Hollow King, Redirects Attacks)
  • Silver Step (Enforcer/Striker, Short Range Movement Technique)
  • Star Lance (Path of the Stellar Spear, Striker, Light Blast)
  • Flowing Starlight (Path of the Stellar Spear, Enforcer, Prepares Body for Speed)
  • Star’s Edge (Path of the Stellar Spear, Enforcer, Reinforces Spears)
  • Serpent’s Shadow (Path of the Stellar Spear, Forger, Creates Madra Sakes)
  • The Fall of Seven Stars (Path of the Stellar Spear, Forger, Explosively Powerful Spears)
  • Four Fangs of the Serpent (Path of the Sandviper, Forger, Spikes of Forged Madra)
  • Snare (Path of the Fisherman, Striker, Madra Rope)
  • Titan’s Blade (Path of the Steel Guardian, Forger, Extended Sword)
  • Red Crystal (No Path, Forger, Defensive Crystal of Blood Madra)
  • Meteor Breath (Path of Rolling Earth, Striker, Ball of Earth and Force)
  • Mountain’s Fist (Path of Rolling Earth, Enforcer, Enforcement of the Hands)
  • Dragonblood Thunderbolt (Path of the Stormcaller*, Striker/Forger, Lightning Dragon)
  • Harbinger of the Storm (Path of the Stormcaller*, Ruler, Creates a Thunderstorm)
  • Eruption Ring (Striker, Wall of Earth and Force)
  • Embrace of the Titan (Enforcer, Full Body Enforcement)
  • Heaven’s Lance (Path of Heaven’s Glory, Striker, Beam of Light)
  • Fox Fire (Path of the White Fox, Striker, Illusory Flame)
  • Foxtail (Path of the White Fox, Enforcer, Battle Illusions)
  • Fox Dream (Path of the White Fox, Ruler, Illusory World)
  • Fox Mirror (Path of the White Fox, Forger, Illusory Copies)
  • Spear of the Golden Sun (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Spear of the Summer King (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Heart-seizing Claw (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Phoenix Wing Burst (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Song of Falling Ash (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Gravetouch (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Storm Lotus (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Titan Slayer Axe (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Grave’s Last Word (Unknown Path, Striker)
  • Bloodwash Wave (Unknown Path, Striker)

Cycling Techniques

  • Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel (Path of the Twin Stars, Path of the Hollow King)

Iron Bodies

  • Bloodforged Body (Lindon, Accelerates Healing)
  • Skyhunter Iron Body (Kelsa, Enhances Eyesight?)
  • Steelborn Body (Yerin, Increases Strength as She Ranks Up)
  • Raindrop Body (Eithan, Allows the User to Move Quickly and Smoothly)
  • Puppeteer’s Body (Mercy, Increases Coordination)
  • Sandviper Body (Sandvipers, same as Bloodforged Body)
  • Mountainroot Iron Body (Seishen Kiro, Allows User to Increase Weight)
  • Moonheart Iron Body (Sha Miara, Makes it so Physical Trauma Does Not Disrupt Spirit or Mind)
  • Silverscale Iron Body (Yan Shoumei, Increases Resistance to Spiritual Attacks)


  • Sylvan Riverseed (Pure Spirit of Water and Life)
  • Sylvan Dreamseed (Pure Spirit of Dream)
  • Sylvan Graveseed (Pure Spirit of Death)


  • Flying Sword (Levitating Sword)
  • Glasswater Sentinel (Protective Construct)
  • Nightflame Spirit-Lamp (Gathers Fire Aura)
  • Parasite Ring (Doubles Cycling)
  • Orus Fruit (Spirit Fruit)
  • Starlotus (Spirit Fruit)
  • Heart Piercer Fruit (Increases Life and Blood Aura)
  • Tears of the Mother Tree
  • Four Corners Rotation Pill (Makes Cycling Easier)
  • Spirit Manifestation Pill
  • Flowering Heart Pill (Gives Blood Aura)
  • Golden Lion’s Heart Pill
  • Heaven’s Drop (Integrates into the Spirit to Improve Cycling)
  • Purple Feather Elixir (Elixir)
  • Lifeseed Elixir (Elixir that Grants Life Aura)
  • Diamond Veins Elixir (Elixir that Purifies and Strengthens Madra Channels)
  • Symbiote Veins Elixir (Elixir that Allows for More Powerful Techniques at the Cost of Vitality)
  • Gate of Heaven Elixir (Elixir that Smooths the Way from Underlord to Archlord)
  • Interior Command Elixir
  • Iron Heart (Boosts Regenerative Capabilities)
  • Madra Engine (Processes Blood and Life Essence into Madra)
  • Crystal Nexus (Strengthens Madra But Puts Strain on Madra Channels)
  • Ancient Scale (Strengthens Spiritual Defense)
  • Heaven’s Torch (Ultimate Source of Fire Aura)
  • Tear of the Deep (Ultimate Source of Water Aura)
  • Titan’s Bone (Ultimate Source of Earth Aura)
  • Heart Gem (Ultimate Source of Blood Aura)
  • Thousand Mile Cloud (Flight Construct)
  • Deep Fathom Prison (Construct that Forms a Cage of Earth)
  • Nether-drain Swamp (Underlord Construct that Creates a Grasping Swamp on Impact)
  • White Fox Boundary Formation (Gathers Light and Dream Auras)
  • Ancestor’s Spear (Steals Aura from Defeated Enemies)
  • Heartguard Chest (Resurrects the Owner One Time)
  • Archstone (Drains Madra from Everyone Nearby)
  • Eye of the Deep (Key to Enter Ghostwater)
  • Dawn Sky Palace (Pocket World with a Home Inside)
  • Dream Well (Produces Water that Sharpens Focus)
  • Spirit Well (Produces Water that Increases Madra Density and Recovery)
  • Life Well (Produces Water that Bolsters Life Aura)
  • Wavedancer (Archlord Sword of Wind and Water)
  • Netherclaw (Archlord Sword that Can Unleash a Claw of Blood Madra)
  • Eclipse (Ancient Bow of the Soulseeker)
  • Staff of Condemnation (Overlord Weapon that Adds Incredible Weight to Blows)
  • Moon’s Eye (Archlord Eye Lense)
  • Quickriver (Archlord Whip-Sword)
  • Imperial Aegis (Archlord Shield)
  • Jadeclaw Rings (Archlord Flying Blades)
  • Thousand Swords of Binding Light (Divine Treasure,
  • Moonlight Bridge (Divine Treasure that Allows the User to Travel Anywhere in the World)
  • Totem of the Dragon King (Divine Treasure that Creates an Image of the Dragon King)
  • Penance (Arrowhead that Can Kill Anything)
  • Strength Icon (Symbol of Bodily Power)
  • Sword Icon (Grants Authority to Sages)
  • Dragon Icon (Grants Authority to Sages)
  • Winter Icon (Grants Authority to Sages)


Credit goes to Rurudo66