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Iteration #110

Cradle is Iteration #110 in The Way and The Worlds. It’s distantly tended by the Judges of the heavenly Abidan, including Suriel the Phoenix. Supposedly, Cradle is the safest Iteration among thousands, safer than Sanctum even:

But here she was, shirking her duties in the safest world of all creation. Even Sanctum was more likely to fall to corruption than this place. Cradle was the birthplace of the Abidan. . .(Unsouled, ch 6)

But later.. .

Important worlds like Cradle, Haven, Sanctum, and Asylum would be protected. Even in the event of total system collapse, the Abidan would collect and quarantine these worlds, their last bastion against the infinite chaos. But in times like this, anything could go wrong. Cradle might be safer than anywhere else, but it wasn’t safe. (Unsouled, epilogue)


Cradle is an enormous planet with five huge continents, home to more than 300 billion souls. Thus far, as of book 10, the stories have played out on the Ashwind continent and the Ninecloud continent. However, a few small scenes capture the war-torn Rosegold continent. Ziel remembers his Dawnwing Sect on the Iceflower continent and Emriss Silentborn keeps quiet watch over a Dreadgod on the Everwood continent.

Ashwind Continent

Akura Homeland

Western Ashwind Continent

  • The capital city is Moongrave
  • Training occurs at Nightwheel Valley

Akura Vassal Lands

Other Akura Territory

Dragon Territory

  • Eastern Ashwind continent
  • A sacred volcano, the base of Monarch Seshethkunaaz

The Wasteland

Buffer zone between Akura lands and Dragon Realm

  • The Beast King, a Herald
    • and several other unaffiliated Heralds and a Sage (see bk 10, Reaper)
  • Various Sacred Beasts, including Vastwood Mammoth, a Herald
  • occasionally Ziel

Rosegold Continent

Ninecloud Continent

Iceflower Continent

Everwood Continent

Pocket Worlds

Outside Cradle