Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel

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The Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel (HAEPW)

This is a top-secret madra-cycling technique, taught to Lindon by Eithan Arelius, who first developed the technique. See Sacred Arts.

This HAEPW is focused on expanding the user's core density without requiring them to refine vital aura from the world around them.[1] Eithan Arelius used it to advance without bonding a Remnant or contracting a sacred beast.[2]


"Your core is made of stone. Picture it as a huge, stone wheel. It’s all you can see. It’s like a wall of heavy, solid stone" ― Eithan to Lindon[1]

The Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel focuses on processing madra for advancement. The first step requires the user to focus on their core, visualizing it as a stone wheel. As they cycle madra throughout their body and breathe according to its technique, the wheel turns, wearing away at the edges of the sacred artist's core. It requires constant concentration to uphold; if broken, the technique will be disrupted.[1] It strains the user's body and madra channels both, often leaving practitioners exhausted.

The Wheel generates a spiral in the user's core, condensing the quality of their madra, aiding its recovery, and increasing their ability to control it. According to Eithan, it aids with the bonding of a Remnant.[1]