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The Li Clan is one of the three main clans in Sacred Valley.

Book 1

  • The Li clan is one of the three main clans in Sacred Valley. This clan was founded long long ago by Li Markuth, the Grand Patriarch.
  • Like almost every inhabitant of the valley, all Li clan members have dark hair and eyes, and pale skin -- much like Yerin, in fact (Unsouled, ch 11)
  • The Li clan is located at the foot of the Greatfather, one of the four holy peaks that contain the valley. They are near the Dragon River and the Holy Winds School.
  • Li clan colors are green and gray
    • "purple and white for the Wei clan, green and gray for the Li clan, and brown and red for the Kazan" (Unsouled, ch 7)
  • The Li clan members sometimes come across as entitled, somewhat contemptuous of the other clans. They dress more ostentatiously than the other clans.
  • Grand Patriarch Li Markuth is the main antagonist in book 1, Unsouled. He came back to Cradle against the laws of the Abidan and started the whole ball rolling. He conspired with Li clan elders to strike a coup at the Seven-Year Festival, hosted by the Wei clan. His goal was to unite the valley under one rule, his own.

In Book 9

In book 9, Akura Mercy meets the Li clan Matriarch. Like her ancestral clan founder Li Markuth, she is ostentatious with bling, covered in jewels.

A gray-haired woman stepped up to the edge of the wall. She was tall, thin, and dignified, with an emerald-set silver tiara in her hair and rings on each finger. A snake rested on her shoulders, and even it was decorated with gold and jewels. Mercy dipped her head. “Humble greetings, honored Matriarch. (Bloodline, ch 9)