Mad King

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The Mad King

Duraman was a very wise and good king originally, and part of the Abidan’s executor program. However, he tried to save a world by merging with the threat —- a Class One Fiend of Chaos, Oth’kimeth, the Conqueror. He went mad. He hates the Abidan judges because they are inflexible and arrogant, and because his Fiend hates them. He lives in Tal’gullour, Fortress of the Mad King. (Report on Mad King, Bloodline, ch 5)

The Mad King hosts an entity that has killed Judges before, but the Court would have been notified if he had left his Iteration. If he has found a way to cross the Way without alerting Sector Control, then he represents a Class One threat.(Blackflame ch 21)

His Origin Shroud

The Mad King created an Origin Shroud from four sacred treasures, including an invisibility cloak the Angler had made when she was mortal and living runes he stole from Darandiel, the Ghost of the Abidan.

He had stolen from the personal collection of the Third Judge of the Abidan Court: Darandiel, the Ghost. He had taken from her a band of silver bound with living runes, designed to allow even a Judge to veil their power.” (see book #9, Bloodline, ch 8)

His dark deeds

The Mad King and his Fiend Oth’kimeth have destroyed numerous worlds, because Ozriel is not around to stop him.

As she watched, one of the lights from the cluster labeled ‘Sector 12’ turned black and withered away. Iteration 129: Oasis. The Mad King and his Scythe had finished their reaping. (Bloodline ch 20)

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