Path of Twin Stars

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This path is defined by its unique attribute of requiring two cores in order to practice, one core is maintained as a pure core and the other can be filled with a different aspect of madra allowing the user to use techniques from a second path. This is the path followed by Wei Shi Lindon throughout cradle, he uses the Path of Black Flame as the path for his second core.



  • Empty Palm:
    • A pulse of pure madra that disrupts an opponents spirit and their techniques.


  • Soul Cloak
    • A full body enforcement technique, the Soul Cloak provides steady strength and instinctive movement. While providing no extra speed the Soul Cloak moves the moment the Sacred artist decides to move making their actions faster and and more reactive.



Cycling Techniques:

  • Heart of Twin Stars:
    • The Namesake technique of this path, the Heart of Twin Stars binds your madra in a knot until it creates the leverage required to split your core in two. After this point this cycling technique is actually detrimental to your advancement, slowing the transition toward Iron.
  • Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel
    • This cycling technique is unique among cycling techniques in that it focuses on expanding the capacity of your core. In conjunction with the Heart of Twin Stars this technique compensates for the side effect of splitting your core in two thus creating half sized cores.

Iron Body:

  • Bloodforged Iron body
    • This body is not required by the path of Twin Stars but Lindon uses this body for the synergy it creates between the Path of Twin Stars and The Path of Blackflame. It helps the body recover from the stress of blackflame and the pure Madra of the Path of Twin Stars help the spirit recover.


  • Little Blue
    • Little Blue is a Sylvan Riverseed kept by Lindon. She is enhanced beyond the capabilities of a natural Sylvan Riverseed by the steady growth provided by the pure madra she is fed and the dose of Soulfire provided by Eithan. Little Blue helps Lindon cleanse his spirit and remove Blackflame build up in his channels.
  • Hunger Madra Arm
    • Though not directly linked to the heart of Twin stars the Hunger Madra arm made from the binding found in the Ancestors Spear and later augmented with the Archstone, the hunger madra arm is a central piece of Lindons capabilities.