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The Wei Clan is one of three clans in Sacred Valley.


The Wei clan was co-founded long ago by Elder Whisper, an ancient snowfox, and the progenitor of a line of Sacred Beasts. In book one, he gave good advice to Wei Shi Lindon. Lindon’s sister is Wei Shi Kelsa. She is on the illusions Path that Elder Whisper developed so long ago. His mother is Wei Shi Seisha, who does the Soulsmithing for the clan and also follows the Path developed by the snowfox.


Some of the named clan members:

  • Elder Whisper (ancient white snowfox, one of the Sacred Beasts)
  • Wei Jin Sairus (Wei Clan Patriarch, Path of the White Fox, Ruler, Jade Rank)
  • Wei Jin Amon (Grandson of Sairus, Path of the White Fox, Striker, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Mon Keth (Head of the Mon Family, Path of the White Fox, Striker, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Mon Teris (Son of Keth, Path of the White Fox, Enforcer, Copper Rank)
  • Wei Mon Eri (Daughter of Keth, Path of the White Fox, Striker, Foundation Rank)
  • Wei Shi Jaran (Head of the Shi Family, Path of the White Fox, Forger, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Shi Seisha (Wife of Jaran, Path of the White Fox, clan soulsmith, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Shi Kelsa (Daughter of Jaran, Path of the White Fox, Ruler, Iron Rank)
  • Wei Shi Lindon (Son of Jaran, started life with madra deficiency, labeled Unsouled)


The Wei clan territory is located in the north-east section of Sacred Valley, near the foot of Yoma Mountain and Mount Samara. One can always see, even at night, because the rings of Mount Samara emit light aura.


The Wei Clan Practices the Path of the White Fox which was created by, and named for Elder Whisper. A five tailed snow-fox, the size of a man, who is hundreds of years old, and a TrueGold Sacred Beast, with a connection to fate. They produce madra of Light and Dreams that deceived the senses, that created illusions, that twisted light and sound. White Fox Enforcers use a move called the Fox Tail, which disguises the movements of the body, your image is out of sync with reality. Strikers can use Fox Fire, purple illusionary flames that look, sound, and feel like real flames but cause no real damage. Rulers use a move called the Fox Dream, which directly control an opponent’s senses, so that they see and hear illusions. Forgers use a technique called the White Fox Mirror which creates illusionary copies of exact appearance with no real substance.


Homes and clothing are purple and white. White for the honored snowfox, and purple for the Orus tree, which has purple leaves. "purple and white for the Wei clan, green and gray for the Li clan, and brown and red for the Kazan" (Unsouled, ch 7)


There are about 100,000 people in the clan. Each family in the receives a generous portion of land and a family dwelling with a small house added onto the main complex for each family member. Typically, children receive their own house when they get their wooden badge, as a mark of independence. They are made of tight fitting Orus wood, pale and smooth, with purple tiles. Most buildings are purple and white, reflecting the purple leaves of the Orus Trees and the white fir of the snow fox. Only one tower stands out, a needle of white, so tall that it seems thin. Rising above the purple roofed sea like a mast of a great ship. This is one of the most prominent landmarks in all Sacred Valley and was made in the age of the clans’ founders. This is where Elder Whisper lives.


The Wei clan believes in “Honor by Any Means”. The first patriarch stated that even deception can be used to serve honor. This is the contradiction around which the clan was created. Other values the clan holds are the strongest party should protect the weakest with their life, and that there is honor in recognizing a stronger opponent. They also believe that there is a time when running to preserve your own life is not cowardice: when the threat is so great that your death will mean nothing, then flight is no shame.

Seven-Year Festival

Every Seven Years the clans hold a festival. While the original purpose was to promote unity, now it is the primary stage on which they compete. Most recently the Wei clan hosted the Seven Year Festival. An honor and a responsibility that increased the pressure on their families to perform well. They spent over a year building an arena in which to display the contests. This is a circular building of white Orus wood. The seats are tiered so that all can see, and it is decorated with sections for each clan, with a high viewing box for the four schools. The children of the clan are taught to identify the others by their clothes: "purple and white for the Wei clan, green and gray for the Li clan, and brown and red for the Kazan" (Unsouled, ch 7). Masters of illusions are masters of presentation, and the opening ceremonies are extravagant.