Path of the Hollow King

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Eithan's Path is one of the many mysteries of the series. With it we have seen Eithan regularly do what other Underlords consider impossible and not just by the meager standards of the Blackflame empire. That being said, Eithan is also loathe to reveal the strength of his techniques, in fact, other than his enforcer technique Hollow Armor, and general bursts of power, Eithan almost never uses his techniques at all. It is only in a rare confrontation with Longhook where Eithan believes himself to be unobserved that he even uses other techniques.

While not directly coming from his path, Eithan's bloodline senses are heavily integrated into his path and some of his powers are designed around it.


  • Striker:
    • Madra Pulse <sup>[citation needed]<sup>:
      • An omni-directional pulse of pure madra that floods the area to wipe out or disrupt enemy techniques.
    • Madra Bullet <sup>[citation needed]<sup>:
      • A highly condensed ball or stream of Madra enhanced by soulfire, is capable of destroying techniques, damaging channels, and shattering cores.
    • Madra Shield <sup>[citation needed]<sup>:
      • Projects a rotating zone of tightly packed madra, which can be used to intercept and redirect techniques back at the attacker.
    • Heavenly Sword of Judgement
      • Involves projecting and condensing a large quantity of madra outside the body for the purpose of completely destroying a person's spirit, killing them, and preventing the formation of a remnant.
  • Enforcer:
    • Hollow Armor:
      • A somewhat generic enforcement technique, while better than simply cycling madra, is considered inefficient.
    • Madra Barrier <sup>[citation needed]<sup>:
      • Projects a layer of pure madra armor over his whole body. This protects him from almost all madra based attack, though not vital aura, leaving him vulnerable to ruler techniques. Otherwise, it is an incredibly powerful protection
  • Ruler:
    • N/A
  • Forger:
    • Madra Stars <sup>[citation needed]<sup>:
      • involves forging what seems to be blades or shards of pure madra, which likely have a similar effect to an empty palm, or may be able to damage the spirit.

Cycling Techniques:

  • Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel
    • Without this technique Eithan's path would be impossible. This cycling technique helps the practitioner build up capacity over long periods of time and almost all of Eithans techniques require copious amounts of power.

Iron Body:

  • Raindrop Body
    • Although not necessarily integral to his path, some one else on Eithan's path might choose a different body, it has incredible synergy with his bloodline senses. The Raindrop body grants incredible speed and as Eithan phrases it he was born with "eyes faster than his hands" and this body allows him to take advantage of his sense.