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Longhook is an antagonist from Redmoon Hall, featured in books 4 and 5, Skysworn and Ghostwater.


  • Longhook is a young man with long black hair, pale skin, long black coat, barefeet. "A young man, with utterly pale skin and black hair that fell down almost to his waist." (skysworn ch 8)
  • Longhook is an Underlord
  • He belongs to the faction Redmoon Hall, a Dreadgod cult. Like his fellow cult members, he follows the Dreadgod dubbed the The Bleeding Phoenix, becoming stronger by stirring up its horrendous power. He absorbed his Blood Shadow, which makes him an Emissary of Redmoon Hall
  • His Blood Shadow takes the form of a long bloody hook and chain.
  • His speech is guttural, from an old injury that didn't heal when he advanced to Underlord.
  • He aspires to be another Sage, like his ancient mentor, the Sage of Red Faith, the founder of Redmoon Hall.


  • Longhook gave up his family, children, everything to succor the "egg" (blood shadow) that promised him power and a glorious future in the sacred arts
  • He found himself surprised and unprepared when the Bleeding Phoenix suddenly awoke from long slumber, with no advance foreseeing, and flew over the Blackflame Empire.
    • This unexpected awakening was the work of Abidan Judge, Hound of Fate, Makiel.
  • Longhook is full of himself, because dream artists prophecied him to become another Sage of Redmoon Hall
  • He has fought with Eithan Arelius twice, injuring Eithan's shoulder the first time (Skysworn ch 9). He regretted that later. Eithan showed his true skill the second time, when no one was watching. (Ghostwater ch 13)

His Path / Abilities

(Ghostwater chapter 13)

  • He cycled the Path of Rolling Earth, funneling the strength of boulders through his arms and his weapon.
  • His main weapon is a long sharp big hook, which he covers with his Blood Shadow.
  • His Blood Shadow unfolded from behind him, striking out with a copied Rolling Earth technique. A fist of blood madra, dense as a hammer, struck out from his back. Longhook turned to follow up, but saw only darkness and rain. Something hit him in the back, and he was flying through the air again.
  • But he needed an edge. Flexing his spirit, Longhook devoured his Blood Shadow. The red spirit let out a silent scream that cut into Longhook’s soul, and from its position behind Eithan, it began to dissolve into sparkling particles of red essence. As though caught in a swift breeze, the blood essence gusted toward Longhook. The power flooded into him... (Ghostwater chapter 13)