Akura Paths

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The royal Akura clan cycle vital aura from shadowy places into madra for their practice of the sacred arts

Monarch’s Path

Monarch Akura Malice is all about shadows and power and foreseeing the future. As a Sage, she manifested the Shadow Icon (see Icons). Her Path is Eternal Night

Path: Eternal Night. Though she is famous for the creation of the Path of Seven Pages, Malice herself has no Book. She is the practitioner of a pure shadow Path with an emphasis on Forger and Ruler techniques, and she sees her madra as a perfect blend of power and utility. However, her dissatisfaction with her own Path led her to create an idealized version: her Book of Eternal Night. (Wintersteel ch 26)

Akura Goldsign

It seems like all Akura Paths are shadow based, but they vary in other aspects. At least one of them is called the Path of the Chainkeeper. The presumed blood descendant path of the Akura family have a Goldsign that looks like their hands are dipped in tar up to the elbow, which is confirmed 'the Goldsign from the Path of the Chainkeeper'.

Other Paths of Akura family

Book Paths

Shadow based.Treasure spirit book of Eternal Night. The Path of Seven Pages is followed by Akura Mercy and another book-based shadow Path is followed by Akura Charity. It seems there are multiple sub paths for various royal family members .


Truegold on an Akura shadow-based Path. Path of the Shadow Blade, maybe. Uses shadow and sword madra. Forged black swords. Nine blades of the underworld technique. Etc. Goldsign is a black shadowy halo behind head.

Akura Harmony breathed darkness. This habitat was bright, but endless night pressed in from all directions outside. With concentration, he could filter shadow aura from the water outside and draw it into himself, purifying and refining the shadow in his core. He was at the peak of Truegold, only a small step from Underlord. His soulspace was filled, and a spark of soulfire waited at the heart of his soul. (Ghostwater ch 3)

[Harmony used the Shadow’s Edge technique,] Dross said. [It's a Striker technique with shadow and sword aspects, and it cuts on the spiritual level as much as the physical. Harmony could slice a single page out of the middle of a book with it, and if the target has a spirit? That’s even easier. (Underlord ch 4)

Bloodline Madra

The Akura bloodline legacy is their unique madra which enables expanding armor of purple crystal on some or all of their body (full body only supposed to be used after Underlord). This causes their eyes to look like solid purple crystal while using the armor.