Fallen Leaf School

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Fallen Leaf School

Fallen Leaf is a school of the Sacred Arts in Sacred Valley, located on Yoma Mountain, the northern holy peak. Sacred Artists at Fallen Leaf are focused on using life madra to guide the growth of spirit-fruits and sacred herbs. (See Abidan Archive e174)

To the north of Sacred Valley, Yoma Mountain is carpeted in purple orus trees for most of the year. The Fallen Leaf School processes the fruits of these trees into products to be sold, as well as secret elixirs to strengthen their own students. School keeps a monopoly on most trees with any possibility to produce a spirit-fruit.

They also possess the largest and most obvious entrance into the labyrinth that forms the foundation of the entire Sacred Valley, an entrance they call the Nethergate. The door stands thirty meters high, and is carved with the image of a Dreadgod. Every ten years, it opens, and the Fallen Leaf elders are able to retrieve some treasures from the shallowest levels of the labyrinth within.

Plot Interaction

Wei Shi Kelsa during her exile from Wei clan stole fruits from the Fallen Leaf School to feed her and her father. After repeatedly coming close to being captured she gets cornered by the school guards who had a Jade Elder with them. While on the run from several hostile Irons, Kelsa encounters Orthos, who reveals that her brother is alive. Orthos then protects Kelsa from the pursuing Irons.