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General information
PathPath of Black Flame
FactionGuardian of Arelius family Blackflame Branch
First AppearanceBlackflame
SpeciesSacred Turtle
HomeSerpents Grave

A descendant of Dragons and the teacher of Wei Shi Lindon Orthos is a turtle of great importance to the cradle novels. He is a Truegold on The Path of The Blackflame. Once in a duel long ago he crippled himself and was driven mad. Until with the help of Lindon and Little Blue he was able to regain some measure of sanity. This was further helped by his time spent in the pocket realm Ghostwater which is also the name of the book. At the end of the current book, it is inferred that he has almost fully recovered from a majority of his illnesses.

In Underlord, however, he leaves Lindon and the others, saying that Sacred Beasts do not have to undergo a revelation to reach Underlord. Instead, they chose what they wished to become (ex: Orthos could remain a turtle, become a dragon, or even become human, as seen by Seshethkunaaz, the boy King of the Dragons). For this reason, Orthos leaves and is later seen in Sacred Valley alongside Lindon's sister, Wei Shi Kelsa. It is still unknown as to what form Orthos plans on taking.