Redmoon Hall

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Redmoon Hall is the cult of the Bleeding Phoenix, a Dreadgod who primarily relies on blood aura. The cultists merge with Blood Shadows in order to gain power. Their primary purpose is to go out into the world and obtain blood aura for the Bleeding Phoenix to feed upon.

In Uncrowned, Redmoon Hall competed in the tournament under Reigan Shen, along with the other cults of Dreadgods.


Redmoon Hall is made up of many cultists, but the most significant are those who merge with Blood Shadows, small representations of the Phoenix's power. These are further divided into vassals and emissaries. Vassals are mindless, controlled by their Blood Shadow. Emissaries are the other way round. They are helped by their Blood Shadow, but retain their minds and powers, which makes them formidable threats.

Known Emissaries



Yan Shoumei (Truegold in Ghostwater)



There is one confirmed Redmoon Overlord, but their name is unknown.


Sage of Red Faith