Ninecloud Court

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🌈 Royal Sha Family Court. The Sha House sigil is a nine-colored cloud.

"Ninecloud City," Eithan said, "one of the largest cities in the world. Capital of the Ninecloud country, home to the Ninecloud Court. In the distant past, they were named by the same culture that named the Blackflame Empire. Among their virtues was a certain philosophy: why use many names when you can recycle the same one?" (Uncrowned ch 9)

  • Ninecloud Court is located in Ninecloud City, which is located in Ninecloud country, on Ninecloud continent.
  • The Royal Sha Family preside from Ninecloud Court, led by the planet’s youngest Monarch, Sha Miara.
  • The 18th Uncrowned King Tournament was held in Ninecloud City.
  • The Ninecloud Soul served as announcer and hostess
  • Rainbows are everywhere, and clouds of nine colors — the sigil of the Royal Sha Family.
  • Suriel took Lindon to this court, to view young Sha Miara’s coronation ceremony