18th Uncrowned King Tournament

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“This year’s tournament,” Akura Charity continued, “will be the largest in history.”

After Makiel twisted the fate of Cradle in Skysworn[1], and with other Dreadgods started showing signs of waking[2], the current generation of Monarchs called for the commencement of 18th Uncrowned King tournament.

Reigan Shen and Seshethkunaaz have proposed to use the security measures on western labyrinth to weaken the Dreadgods enough for them to be killed, and are trying to use the tournament to convince the other Monarchs. [3]

The results of the tournament affect the decisions of the Monarchs, so it will decides the fate of Blackflame Empire and especially Sacred Valley where the labyrinth is located.

The tournament is hosted and organised by the Ninecloud Court in Ninecloud City.[4]

Northstrider, the Monarch of the Hungry Deep, appointed himself as the sole judge of the tournament, replacing a panel of independent experts from all around the world.[5]

His direct involvement will ensure the safety of the young participants, so that they will cannot die unless he wishes them to, and will be able to display their skills in full. [5]

Participants[edit | edit source]

There are eight factions, and each one has four teams.

The total number of participants is 96.







Northstrider Reigan


Seshethkunaaz Eight-Man




Main team
  • Akura Mercy
  • Akura Pride
  • Wei Shi Lindon Arelius
Core family
  • Veris Arelius
  • Altavian Arelius
Sha family
  • Sha Miara
  • Ziel
  • Therian Nills
Gold dragons Ghost-Blade Dreadnought City
Secondary team
  • Akura Grace
Moonwater Redmoon Hall Black dragons
  • Naian Blackflame
Frozen Blade Abyssal Palace Green dragons Blood-Chorus
Blackflame Empire
  • Naru Saeya
  • Eithan Arelius
  • Yerin Arelius
Silent Servants Red dragons Nine-Hands
  • Sha Miara, the Ninecloud Monarch, restricted herself to have the power of an Underlady so she could compete with her lessers.
  • The secondary Akura team was forced to participate because Xorrus, the dragon Herald, wiped out the Temple of Rising Earth.
  • Even though Tiberian Arelius has fallen, the Arelius were invited to participate in the tournament, since they are one of the oldest factions on Cradle.
  • Naian Blackflame was first introduced as the 'Black Dragon Prisoner', he had been driven to madness by his power, and the Gold dragons were using him as a weapon.
  • A few teams were introduced without mentioning which faction they were part of:
    • Tidewalkers.
    • The Five Sisters of the Iceflower continent.
    • The Iron Heart Legion of Rosegold.

The tournament in Uncrowned[edit | edit source]

First Round[edit | edit source]

Second Round[edit | edit source]

Third Round[edit | edit source]

Fourth Round (Top 16)[edit | edit source]

Since there were exactly 16 participants remaining, Northstrider decided that the fourth round will be in the format of single-elimination matches, with the opponents selected by Northstrider himself:

  1. Ziel vs Therian Nills
  2. Eithan Arelius vs Yan Shoumei
  3. Yerin Arelius vs Akura Mercy
  4. Wei Shi Lindon Arelius vs Sopharanatoth
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?

Only the first match of the round has taken place so far, with Lindon facing Yerin instead of Sophara, after Northstrider surprised them by switching opponents.

The match ends with Lindon losing, after Yerin had successfully achieved a reflection of the Sword Icon in their final clash of techniques.

Abidan intervention[edit | edit source]

After the Mad King acquired the false Scythe from the Angler, the Abidan intervened directly with Cradle and other Iterations in order to promote recruitment into their ranks.

In Cradle, the intervention took place immediately after the match between Lindon and Yerin.

All of the tournament participants and Monarch factions were teleported to the arena, and the spectators were teleported out.

Kiuran of the Hounds appeared before them all, encouraging the young participants not follow their Monarch ancestors and choose to ascend when their time comes.

He also introduced a new grand prize for the winner: Penance, a legendary weapon forged by the founder of House Arelius, Ozriel.

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