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Pure madra (or Human madra) is the spiritual energy inborn to babies on Cradle. In contrast, sacred beasts are never born with pure madra, nor do they ever cycle it as adults. Pure madra is produced naturally by human babies and young children. Some few adults continue to cycle pure madra throughout their lifetime, and never cycle an aspect, but this is rare.

Pure madra is compatible with all aspects of madra. As such, it can form the base for any Path. Pure madra has a natural advantage when it comes to spiritual attacks, but it cannot affect the physical world as there is no pure aura. Another side effect of there being no pure aura is that pure madra paths are generally hard to advance as most sacred artists take in vital aura to increase their power. Pure madra is also known to be useful to sacred beasts. Seshethkunaaz, a gold dragon, formed a contract and the pure madra he received from it allowed him to change his path. Orthos, a black dragon turtle, received scales of pure madra from Eithan Arelius. This helped calm his ravaged spirit, combined with his contract with Lindon, who has one pure core, and with spiritual cleansing from the pure nature spirit Little Blue.


  • Pure madra possesses a natural ability to shake the spirit.
  • Pure madra is compatible with every madra aspect, but dilutes it.

Principles of Pure Madra

Ziel paced down the shelves until he found the tablet he wanted. The Script Lord, Archlord on the Path of Whispering Wind: the Creation of the Seven Principles. Ziel nodded to it. “For you.” (Ghostwater ch 12)

  • The Seven Principles of Pure Madra - The Script Lord
    • Emptiness
    • Cleansing
    • [Unknown]

But he understood enough. Even a brief glimpse into an Archlord's revision of pure madra cycling techniques gave him a better sense for the mechanics involved. That vague, intuitive feeling was invaluable. He tried running the technique again, this time modifying his cycling pattern based on the Archlord's thoughts. He had been trying to cycle pure madra like water, but it wasn't water madra.. . Pure madra was lighter, more delicate, more adaptable. But it still strengthened the body naturally. It was the foundation on which all other aspects of madra were layered. ....(Ghostwater ch 12)

From this dream tablet, Lindon creates and practices a technique he names THE SOUL CLOAK

  • Different pure madra paths can emphasize different aspects of pure madra.


  • Sylvan Riverseeds, perfectly balanced nature spirits. Example: Little Blue
  • Madra Engine