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School Paths, Sacred Valley

We know a little about the Paths of the four schools of sacred arts in book 1, in Sacred Valley. Sacred Arts study and discipleship at the four mountain-top schools is granted to only the most gifted.

  • Students at Heaven’s Glory School on Mount Samara to the east study a Path that employs light madra. The Path of Heaven’s Glory enables artists to burn others with their light techniques. The vital aura comes from the ring above the peak.
  • Members of Holy Wind School on The Greatfather peak to the south follow a strange Path of wind, light, and dream techniques that create zones of unnatural weather. They can create storms to attack enemies.
  • Golden Sword School disciples on Mount Venture to the west study a Path of sword madra that uses Enforcer techniques on their weapon. The name of their Path comes from the goldsteel swords they use more than from their techniques. This area, where the Kazan clan lives, mine goldsteel and halfsilver minerals from their mountain rich in earth aura.
  • Attendees of Fallen Leaf School on Yoma Mountain to the north focus on using life madra to guide the growth of spirit-fruits and sacred herbs. They are especially proud of their harvest of treasure fruit from their orchards of purple orus tree, some which live long enough to become sacred ancestral trees.
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