Sha Leiala

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Sha Leiala
General information
PathPath of Celestial Radiance
RankMonarch (dead)
FactionRoyal Sha Family
HomeNinecloud Court

Sha Leiala, Luminous Queen of the Ninecloud Court (deceased)

Royal Sha Rainbow

The room’s final occupant was a presence of multicolored light. It was shaped vaguely like a woman, but the rainbow was too bright to make out any features. The Luminous Queen of the Ninecloud Court. (Wintersteel chapter 1)

Sha Leiala

The former Monarch, Sha Leiala, is dead. She had ruled for two hundred years. She died when her daughter and heir, Sha Miara, was only twelve, sometime just before or during book 1, Unsouled, but it was off-screen. Her life-line was shortened after battling a particularly virulent group of plague-spirits, so she passed on her power and skill to her daughter, via the family’s secretly guarded Heaven’s Wish technique

  • The royal family is keeping her death a secret, because the family is vulnerable with a child-queen.

    The illusion of Sha Leiala still makes regular appearances all over the nation. As far as the citizens know, their queen is healthy and strong. By royal decree, Sha Miara’s name and her true identity as the Luminous Queen are known only to the Sha family, their direct servants, and the other Monarchs. She remains isolated in her palace, surrounded by the same faces every day. But she is still only fifteen years old, and isolation is boring. (Uncrowned, ch 9)

  • Leiala would never have supported Reigan Shen in her lifetime. According to Akura Malice, she detested him.
  • But her daughter Sha Miara does support the lion. She may not have inherited her mother’s memories and feelings about him.

Her Daughter, Sha Miara

Sha Miara is the child-Monarch of the Ninecloud Court, the Luminous Queen, on the Path of Celestial Radiance. She has ruled over Ninecloud continent from age twelve, guided by advisors. Suriel takes Lindon to secretly watch her coronation ceremony in book 1.

  • Miara is only age 15 in book 7, Uncrowned. A teenager. Petulant at times.
  • Miara competed in disguise as an Underlady in the 18th Uncrowned King Tournament and lost to Eithan Arelius, after which she threw a little tantrum until her Herald intervened (Wintersteel chapter 3)

Sha Characters

  • Sha Miara — current teenage queen
  • Sha Relliar (Herald Rank). He is a big man. He also serves the teenage queen as advisor, counselor.
  • Sha Dellian (Underlord Rank) — tournament
  • Sha Siris (Underlord Rank) — tournament
  • The Ninecloud Soul — a presence, an artificially created mind-spirit, the voice of god announcer at the tournament.

    Eithan tapped his fingers together as the Ninecloud Soul produced another floating model of his flying fortress. “Is this more of what you had in mind, number sixty-four?” The feminine voice from the cloud of rainbow madra was beginning to sound impatient. He couldn’t blame the spirit. This was his eighty-first revision, and even artificially created spiritual networks could get testy. (Uncrowned, ch 12)

Sha Homeland

Ninecloud continent. Ninecloud country. Ninecloud City. Ninecloud Court. Royal Sha sigil is a nine-colored cloud.

"Ninecloud City," Eithan said, "one of the largest cities in the world. Capital of the Ninecloud country, home to the Ninecloud Court. In the distant past, they were named by the same culture that named the Blackflame Empire. Among their virtues was a certain philosophy: why use many names when you can recycle the same one?" (Uncrowned ch 9)

Sha Royal Madra

Sha Miara has the powerful Royal Sha Bloodline Abilities, a type of madra.

Royal madra, the rainbow-colored signature of the Ninecloud Court, is in fact a spiritual mutation of pure madra that occurred long ago in the Sha bloodline. From childhood, they can control the spirits of others, and over the centuries they have refined this power into a set of techniques and polished these techniques to perfection. Using their innately powerful madra, they solidified control over their nation and their continent, naming both after their sigil: a nine-colored cloud.
One of their most closely guarded techniques is known as Heaven’s Wish. Once only, a practitioner can pass on their spirit to another. Far more thorough than the adoption of a Remnant, this technique allows for the near-total transfer of power and skill to an heir, though some knowledge is still lost. (Uncrowned, ch 9)