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Soulfire is a form of condensed Vital aura associated with the Lord Level of advancement in the Sacred Arts on Cradle.[1]


Soulfire is woven from vital aura, mainly by Underlords and higher; the ability to do so is considered the hallmark of a Lord.[2] Those at the peak of Truegold can usually start to gain the ability to weave soulfire and must learn to control it as part of the process of advancing to Underlord.[3] Once woven, soulfire can be stored in a sacred artist's spirit for later use.[4]

Natural treasures can be burned to fuel the creation of soulfire, as long as the types of aura they produce are in sufficient balance.[5][6][7]

Properties and uses

When physically manifested without being specifically directed, soulfire takes the form of a spherical flame. The soulfire of Underlords appears diffuse and colorless; the soulfire of Overlords and Archlords appears to be progressively denser, brighter, and more silvery.[8][9][7]

Soulfire can be used as a power source in a wide variety of ways, including developing spirits, remnants,[4] powering scripts,[10][2], and strengthening madra techniques.[11][12] Mundane physical objects can be washed in soulfire, which makes them stronger and even allows them to conduct madra, aura, and willpower better.[13] Completing the advancement from Truegold to Underlord causes soulfire to flow throughout a sacred artist's body and spirit, granting increased power, durability, and strength.[14][15][16][6][17]

Soulfire grants some amount of control over any form of aura, allowing for minor manipulation of the physical world, though the control is far weaker than any proper Ruler technique and essentially useless in battle.[5] For example, sacred artists with advanced enough soulfire can control wind aura to fly as if they were on a wind path. [18][19]

Soulfire is used in creating various Magical Items, including Lord-level weapons and powerful elixirs such as ghostwater.[20]


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