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The world of Cradle has several unique and powerful weapons, supplementing the battle techniques used when a sacred artist employs the Sacred Arts. Like the sacred artist, the weapon itself usually has a level associated with it. This is based on the materials used, including the binding, Remnant, etc., and the advancement level and skill of the soulsmith. For example, a Lord-level soulsmith who can forge weapons with soulfire in a soulforge will create weapons superior to those created by a Gold-level smith. See Soulsmithing page.


  • Worldseeds — grow a new world, see Worldseeds
  • Sylvan Riverseeds — embryonic nature spirit, many uses, see Little Blue
  • Dreamseeds - in Ghostwater Dream Well maybe
  • Graveseeds - in Akura training grounds, Night Wheel Valley
  • etc. etc. etc. many types of seeds

Notable Weapons:

In order of appearance in the series

Stone Anchor & Oathsign Techniques
  • Eclipse, Ancient Bow of the Soulseeker, which Akura Mercy calls Suu . A bow named Suu
  • Wavedancer — Lindon’s flying sword, wind and water madra

    It was a real sacred instrument, a masterfully crafted weapon covered in elegant script. The double-edged blade was wide and tinged with just a hint of blue, its runes stylized to look like crashing waves. The hilt and guard were a pale green that reminded him of wind aura and carved with the image of powerful gusts. Wavedancer was the weapon’s name, and it was a masterpiece. Its Archlord spirit was as graceful as its physical form, and it had no binding, so he could use it even as an Underlord. According to the description from its creator, it was meant to “Bend the swiftness and power of an ocean storm to the protection of its owner.” (Uncrowned, ch 15)

  • Netherclaw - Yerin’s second blade, a black sword employed by her Blood Shadow, Ruby:

    The black sword was called Netherclaw, named for the beast that guarded the Netherworld in the mythology of some culture Yerin didn’t care about. It was used by a slaughter artist centuries ago, an Archlord on a Path of blood and sword madra that had murdered anyone he came across to harvest their aura. He had eventually been stopped by a Sage —- the Sage of Red Faith, in fact, though Yerin had a hard time imagining him saving anyone’s life, even by accident. Its binding was an advanced Forger technique, filled with the will of the murderer who had left it behind. Yerin had tried to activate it herself, but her compatibility with the sword was pitiful.. . Ruby could use the technique just fine . . . Scarlet madra Forged in lines over Ruby’s sword, weaving itself strand by strand, growing in power and intensity. (Wintersteel ch 21)

  • Midnight, Cursed Spear of the Destroyer — The spear Lindon forged with his soulforging hammer Genesis (see Soulsmithing)

Notable Pills & Elixirs:

  • Bloodmaker Pill —
  • Flowering Heart Pill (Gives Blood Aura)
  • Four Corners Rotation Pill (Makes Cycling Easier)
  • Heaven’s Drop (Integrates into the Spirit to Improve Cycling, see Underlord ch 7)
  • Orus Fruit (grows in Sacred Valley and planted on Windfall cloud fortress)
  • Starlotus Bud (in Heaven’s Glory School treasure vault, book 1)
  • Diamond Veins —- Makes Madra channels as pure and resilient as diamonds. Allows for much easier use of techniques, and hugely increases the maximum threshold of power that a user can withstand. Likely allows the artist to use the Crystal Nexus with fewer negative effects. Sopharanatoth received it from her family. Yerin received it from the Arelius family in the latter stage of the Uncrowned Tournament. Lindon was given it by Pride whilst working for the Akura Clan to clear an area of resources targeted by the Wandering Titan.
  • Symbiote Veins Elixir — Strengthen Madra channels, and allow user to use techniques more quickly, which drain some vitality even as they allow the user to wield more powerful techniques. Likely allows the artist to use the Crystal Nexus with fewer negative effects. Sopharanatoth received it from her family.
  • Gate of Heaven Elixir - An incredibly rare and powerful elixir, which makes it easy to ascend from Underlord all the way to the very peak of Archlord. Sopharanatoth received it from Reigan Shen in the latter stage of the Uncrowned tournament.

Wells in Ghostwater Pocket World

from book 5, Ghostwater

  • Ghostwater - a super-elixir composed of water from all three wells, dreamwell, spiritwell, and lifewall. The effects of Ghostwater vary depending on how much is consumed. In small quantities, such as a drop or two, it can provide a huge boost for an instant to cognition and reaction speeds, acting as a trump card in combat. The drop will then regenerate slowly over time from the user's own madra. The effects of larger scale consumption appear to be some form of permanent boost, and it is noted that Northstrider made use of this elixir until it could no longer affect him. Exposure to ghostwater was also critical for ensuring that Dross successfully became an artificial Presence.
  • Dreamwell - The elixir of the Dreamwell is dense with Dream madra. It instantly restores the mental and physical energy of those who consume it, and allows them to think clearly, and without any distractions. Prolonged exposure to it caused Dross to gain self-awareness. It is one of the three components of ghostwater, the elixir.
  • Spiritwell - The elixir of the Spiritwell restores madra, and makes it incredibly easy to cycle. Thanks to it Lindon was able to raise both his cores from Low Gold to True Gold in a matter of weeks, despite the fact he didn't use the Heaven and Earth Purification Wheel to Cultivate. It is another of the three components of the elixir, ghostwater.
  • Lifewell- The elixir of the Lifewell permanently strengthens the lifeline and life essence of those who consume it, permanently boosting their vitality, life span, and physical capabilities, and making them more resistant to attacks that target the lifeline, such as those of Riyusai Meira. It can even reverse the aging process and overcome the debilitating effects of Blackflame Madra, as it rejuvenated Orthos. It is the last of the three components of ghostwater.


See master list of Sages and their Icons

All Magical Items

In alphabetical order. This master list needs work, but it should eventually include all magical items: weapons, shields, elixirs, pills, treasures, icons, void spaces, etc., etc. UKT stands for Uncrowned King Tournament.

  • Archstone (Drains madra from surrounding sacred artists)
  • Ancestor’s Spear (Steals Aura from Defeated Enemies)
  • Ancient Scale (Strengthens Spiritual Defense)
  • Cloud constructs (all types of transport clouds)
  • Crystal Nexus (Strengthens Madra But Puts Strain on Madra Channels)
  • Dawn Sky Palace (void key mansion, an UKT award to Sophara from House Arelius, but Lindon takes it eventually)
  • Deep Fathom Prison (Construct that Forms a Cage of Earth, generated by Era of Abyssal Palace)
  • Diamond Veins Elixir (Elixir that Purifies and Strengthens Madra Channels)
  • Dragon Icon (Grants Authority to Sages)
  • Dream Well (Produces Water that Sharpens Focus)
  • Eclipse (Ancient Bow of the Soulseeker, aka Suu) — see Akura Mercy
  • Eye of the Deep (Key to Enter Ghostwater)
  • Flowering Heart Pill (Gives Blood Aura)
  • Flying Sword (Levitating Sword)
  • Four Corners Rotation Pill (Makes Cycling Easier)
  • Gate of Heaven Elixir (Elixir that Smooths the Way from Underlord to Archlord)
  • Glasswater Sentinel (Protective Construct)
  • Golden Lion’s Heart Pill
  • Heart Gem (Ultimate Source of Blood Aura)
  • Heart Piercer Fruit (provides life and blood essence to extend lifespan; allows one to safely use the Madra Engine and Symbiote veins without negative effects. Sha Miara gave this to Yerin as a UKT prize)
  • Heartguard Chest (Resurrects the Owner One Time)
  • Heaven’s Drop (Integrates into the Spirit to Improve Cycling)
  • Heaven’s Torch (Ultimate Source of Fire Aura)
  • Imperial Aegis (Archlord Shield employed by Sopharanatoth)
  • Interior Command Elixir
  • Iron Heart (Boosts Regenerative Capabilities, Veris Arelius gave it to Lindon)
  • Jadeclaw Rings (Archlord Flying Blades)
  • Life Well (Produces Water that Bolsters Life Aura)
  • Lifeseed Elixir (Elixir that Grants Life Aura)
  • Madra Engine (Processes Blood and Life Essence into Madra, shortens life-span, given to Yerin by Seshethkunaaz, but see heart piercer fruit)
  • Moonlight Bridge (Divine Treasure that Allows the User to Travel Anywhere in the World, awarded to Yerin in UKT)
  • Moon’s Eye (Archlord eye-lens, a UKT prize for Akura Mercy
  • Nether-drain Swamp (Underlord Construct that Creates a Grasping Swamp on Impact)
  • Netherclaw (Archlord Sword that Can Unleash a Claw of Blood Madra) see Yerin and see Bleeding Phoenix — Blood Shadow - Ruby
  • Nightflame Spirit-Lamp (Gathers Fire Aura)
  • Orus Fruit (Spirit Fruit in Sacred Valley and on Windfall)
  • Parasite Ring (Doubles Cycling)
  • Penance (Arrowhead that Can Kill Anything)
  • Pure Scales — valuable and rare, forged by Eithan Arelius or Lindon
  • Purple Feather Elixir (Elixir)
  • Quickriver (Archlord Whip-Sword)
  • Sky's Mercy (cloudship belonging to Arelius patriarch in BF Empire)
  • Spirit Manifestation Pill
  • Spirit Well (Produces Water that Increases Madra Density and Recovery)
  • Staff of Condemnation (Overlord Weapon that Adds Incredible Weight to Blows, used by Maraan, High Priest of Abyssal Palace)
  • Starlotus (Spirit Fruit)
  • Strength Icon (Symbol of Bodily Power)
  • Sword Icon (Grants Authority to Sages)
  • Sylvan Riverseed — see Little Blue
  • Symbiote Veins Elixir (Elixir that Allows for More Powerful Techniques at the Cost of Vitality, but see heart piercer fruit)
  • Tear of the Deep (Ultimate Source of Water Aura)
  • Tears of the Mother Tree
  • Thousand Mile Cloud (cloud boat — Lindon and Yerin stole one)
  • Thousand Swords of Binding Light (Divine Treasure,
  • Titan’s Bone (Ultimate Source of Earth Aura)
  • Totem of the Dragon King (Divine Treasure that Creates an Image of the Dragon King)
  • Void Icon (See Void Icon)
  • Wavedancer (Archlord Sword of Wind and Water) — described in section above
  • White Fox (Boundary Formation (Gathers Light and Dream Auras, spirit-seals, a collection of paper seals painted with scripts that would help bind and manipulate Remnants, taken from Heaven’s Glory School)
  • Windfall (cloud fortress jointly owned by Yerin and Lindon, UKT prize)
  • Winter Icon (Grants Authority to Sages)